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We are using forest regeneration through tree planting to accelerate global transition to zero carbon. We are focused on donating suitable food security inspired tree seedlings for both Agro-forestry practice among farmers and open land afforestation in Kayunga District of Uganda East Africa. Tree canopy increase is the best approach to carbon removal.

We invite donors of tree seedlings and volunteers to support the tree planting project. A tree seedling is estimated at US$ 1 each . The related project activity and operational costs for a given project activity shall be discussed as per every individual volunteer/s or donors interest and ability..

  • Meals, Airport Pick up, Free accommodation, Working along a farmer Agro-forestry project for 1 week
  • Private expenses and entertainment

Important Information

Our project Goal is; To contribute to the global efforts on greenhouse gas emissions reduction to accelerate zero carbon through raising public inspiration to action towards carbon offsetting 6,216,650 tonnes annually, while promoting the local economic development in Kayunga District of Uganda.

1. To cause reforestation of 63% of the Kayunga Land mass with high carbon sequestrating tree species that will mitigate the climatic conditions of the area, boost regional economy and improve food security too.

2. To reduce on the amount of greenhouse gas atmospheric pollution resulting from wood and waste plastic bottles’ burning while saving rural homesteads from candlelight accidents and improving on households’ safe water storage levels.

3. To raise public awareness and inspire communities towards climate change effects resilience.

Planned Approach.
Conducting community sensitization workshops on Climate change effects resilience to cut greenhouse gas emissions along with distribution of 400 Biolite Home cook stoves to identified needy households by sub county annually for 10 years.
One Biolite Home clean cook stove = 3tonnes of CO2 reductions a year. 400 of them annually will cumulatively reduce 400 x 3 = 1200 tonnes of carbon annually.

Conducting community sensitization workshops on cutting greenhouse gas emissions through reusing of waste plastic bottles, building 15 rainwater harvesting tanks as workshops models annually for 10 years. This will be a knowledge dissemination approach of conducted workshops on reusing waste plastic bottles to build useful structures, control accumulation of waste plastic bottles, raise awareness on the other carbon offsetting strategies being implemented in the world for community vigilance. About 6 kg of carbon dioxide is created during production and incineration of plastic bottles. Hence approximately 65,000tonnes (above) of carbon offset annually.

Establishing a 650ha forest of food security inspired tree species for demonstration within the desert stricken sub counties of Galiraaya and Bbale for smallholder farmers to adopt in their gardens through tree based inter cropping and diversification to forest gardens establishment. WE estimate a carbon offset rate per hectare per year, of 61 tonnes per hectare per year.

Supporting 2000 smallholder farmers led forestry/agro-forestry annually with each holding 2 to 5 ha of land to make a total of 20,000 small farmers/40,000 to 100,000 hectares, in 10 years towards the wood fuel, wood timber and fruits trees based inter-cropping and diversification to fruit tree forest gardens establishment as a move to reduce pressure on natural resources.

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