Support Local Ugandan women/children while staying in a home away from home


  • Connect with community members and experience the local food
  • Explore areas around Kampala, Wakiso and Jinja
  • Improve livelihoods of the critically vulnerable women and children


The Environmental Conservation & Agricultural Enhancement Uganda (Eco-Agric Uganda) is a Ugandan registered community NGO established in 2007. It aims at sustainably improving livelihoods of the critically vulnerable absolutely poor women and children in Uganda. These are the illiterate (cant read or write) even their names, they do not have food, shelter and their children do not go to school. Those that go to school arrive late or do not have scholastic materials. They depend on agriculture for their livelihood, women infected or affected by HIV/AIDS, young adolescent mothers, plus orphans and vulnerable children. Eco Agric Uganda’s activities involve promoting improved agricultural production, enhanced rural livelihoods and healthy environment through advocacy, research, training and capacity building.

  • accommodation, meal and every thing
  • Transport and from Entebbe Airport

Important Information

FAQs for volunteers – Eco-Agric Uganda
Volunteer Application process
You contact Eco-Agric Uganda, then send us your email address through which we send you these FAQs. After this, we have a skype with you to know more about you and explain anything you need to know. You will then get a commitment letter from the organization, sign it and send it back, then you are ready to come

What visa should I take volunteer with you in Uganda?
You are legally required to have a working visa to volunteer in Uganda. Eco-Agric Uganda will not take responsibility. However, none of our volunteers have ever used one; the regulation is loose. Volunteers either get a Ugandan tourist visa ($50, valid for 90 days) or an East African tourist visa which works in Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda ($100, valid for 90 days in total).

Do you recommend the East African visa?
The East African visa costs $100 and is valid for 90 days in total. Individuals tourist visas for Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda cost $50, $50, and $30, respectively, and last for 90 days each. So the East African visa only makes sense if you are certain to visit all three countries within 90 days.

Should I get the visa online before I come or can I get it on arrival?
You can obtain a visa on arrival or get it online. It is the same price and they both are really quick to obtain. It's not really an issue. If you apply for a visa online, make sure you come with the letter of confirmation. Make sure you bring your confirmation of yellow fever vaccination regardless of which visa you are taking.

How do I get from the airport to your place?
You have two options:
1) We arrange transportation for you from Entebbe International Airport to our place for 200,000/= Uganda shillings The person will have placards with your names and my name Nakakande Josephine or Robert Muwawu will be down at the same placard.
It is better that you buy a SIM card with a daily bundle at the airport, so that you can communicate with us.

Where will I volunteer?
New volunteers typically stay at our place near the Kampala office for about a week to get accustomed to Uganda and the organization. They do some introductory activities and meet our target populations. Later they move to the main office in Hoima and Kibaale districts where most volunteers stay in the volunteers' residence.

What kind of accommodation will I stay in?
The volunteers' residence in Hoima is currently composed of four eco-houses, two with individual rooms and two shared rooms while in Kibaale its composed of two shared rooms. In Hoima, there is electricity and volunteers have access to a basic kitchen. In Kibaale district there is no electricity but we have solar power. If you have aportable solar panel its advisable you carry it. Mosquito nets are provided. We are constantly improving the residence. Recent modifications include a new outdoor table and a barbecue. It is a very nice site in the Ugandan nature, and accommodation is comfortable and spacious. We've had volunteers staying anytime from a couple of days to two years, so it really depends on what you want. We will plan your program accordingly. However, since you will need some time to fully understand the projects and your role in it, we recommend that you stay at least a couple of weeks to make the most out of your experience.

I am on a special diet (vegetarian/vegan/I don't eat pork/I am allergic to...), can you accommodate?
We've had a number of volunteers with different diets and we've found it very easy to adapt to this, so don't worry. Vegan meals are provided from Monday to Friday; we serve meat on Saturday but you can ask for vegetables only. On Sunday you can cook whatever you want in your furnished kitchen.

What is the situation with malaria?
Malaria is present in Uganda. Although there are not man mosquitos where you will live, the risk is there. Most volunteers who come for short to medium term are on daily malaria tabs. In addition, mosquito nets are provided.

What vaccination should I take?
Vaccination for yellow fever is mandatory to obtain the visa. In addition, some volunteers choose to get vaccinated for hepatitis A and B, meningitis, typhoid, and rabies.

How does the rainy season affect life?
During the rainy season, we experience heavy rains for short periods of time. Most of the day is sunny. It does not affect life that much, except for reducing mobility a little (some smaller roads can get muddy and slippery), but it does not bring any risk.

Is Uganda safe?
Uganda is a stable country and people are friendly. There is no violence toward foreigners. You should obviously watch out for pickpockets and be careful when you are moving alone as a woman, but in general it is very safe. There is no natural disaster, and no dangerous animals or insects.

We are an LBGT couple, is there any problem with that?
Homosexuality is prosecuted in Uganda, though we have no problem with that at Eco-Agric Uganda. Please understand that most people can feel uncomfortable with it. For your own sake, I recommend you avoid talking about it too much, as well as displaying affection in public.

Is there anything I should bring in particular?
Light clothing for all seasons, good shoes, rain jacket for the rainy seasons. Mosquito net, A headtorch can be a good idea for the night.

What currency should I bring?
There are many ATMs so withdrawing money is not an issue. Dollars and euros and easy to exchange everywhere, with good exchange rates.

What is there to do around?
Around Hoima, you can spend your weekends at the swimming pools or resorts, eat out, explore the second-hand market, do your groceries at the Central market, go out in bars and clubs, visit the tombs of the kings, go to the lakeside... If you push further you can go for a safari in Murchison national park or see the chimpanzees with a local guide. Other destinations in Uganda include Kampala for busy markets, party, and foods, Entebbe for the beach, Jinja for the source of the Nile river and rafting, Fort Portal for crater lakes and tea plantations, or Kaseese to hike in the Rwenzori mountains. We and other volunteers can give you more advices when you come.

How will you use the daily fee that I have to pay?
This money will be used to provide for your food and to pay the helper and the watchman.

Are there any Payments to be made?
You are required to pay $3 per day for the period you will stay with us. The transport and $3 per day will be paid to the organisations accountant on arrival. You MUST get a receipt for this. The money is used by the organization to support your feeding and accommodation, because we are a small organization and we need some little support for this. This is approved by work away.

How do I get more information about the organization?
Please like the Face book page and follow Eco-Agric Uganda on Instagram to know more about Eco-Agric Uganda. All of them are in the names of Eco-Agric Uganda

Can I bring some donation materials?
You can collect materials like clothes for women and girls and bring them to support the people especially children in Uganda. This is not mandatory but if you can do it we highly appreciate. Please carry what you can.

How do I dress? Please carry jeans and jackets to move on the motorcycle. For the women, very short clothes are not convenient. The rest of the clothes are OK. PLEASE CARRY A TOWEL WITH YOU.

Local Tourist Activities. Eco-Agric Uganda organizes some touristic visits which will be organised

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