Socotra Island Yemen Tour


  • Visit one of the most inaccessible countries, Yemen, in the form of the island archipelago of Socotra in the Arabia Sea
  • Relax in the amazing landscape of beaches, dunes and canyons and explore archaeological sights in this truly unique location
  • Surround yourself with the amazing wildlife of the Arabian Sea, including spinner dolphins and a variety of fauna and flora like the Dragon’s Blood tree – snorkelling or diving is also an option!


Suffering civil war, coups, revolutions and bombings in recent years, the country of Yemen is generally off the radar for tourists. Unless, that is, you know about the island of Socotra. Located between the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula where the Arabian Sea meets the Indian Ocean, Socotra is an ecological wonder. Alien landforms sit above beautiful beaches, and the archipelago is home to a diverse and often unique flora and fauna. The tour will take us all around the island to take as many of the sights as possible as we will stay there for a week. Demand is big and spaces are limited to 14 people at a time!

  • Day 1 - Cairo (Egypt)

    Arrive at your convenience into Cairo – which is well connected from many countries from Africa, Europe and elsewhere.
    Pre-tour meeting will be held at 7:00pm for dinner, to discuss tour itinerary and to meet your fellow travellers and YPT guide. The location will be sent to you before the tour commences.
    Depart on Yemenia Airways flight to Socotra – flight times will be confirmed.

  • Day 2 - Habido – Ayhaft Canyon National Park – Delisha Beach

    Arrive at Seiyun the mainland of Yemen and continue heading to Socotra island
    Arrive in Habido, Socotra. Upon arrival we’ll be greeted by our local Socotri guide who will accompany us for the trip.
    Short drive through Ayhaft Canyon National Park
    Freshen up from the flight by swimming at Delisha Beach – a beautiful white beach next to the sea and a lagoon.

    Enjoy the magnificent sunset over the sea from the sand dunes, where you’ll see a variety of ships drifting by.
    Dinner at the Delish Tourist Complex.
    Overnight in our centrally located hotel in Hadibo.

  • Day 3 - Homhil National Park – Arher

    After breakfast we’ll head for Homhil National Park – famous for its Dragon’s Blood trees, which cannot be found anywhere else outside of Socotra. But that’s not all: many other impressive forms of flora like the bottle tree and the cucumber plant can be found here. After an hour’s walk we’ll reach an amazing crystal-clear pool with a view over the whole southern part of Socotra.

    For those up for a hike may descend from the mountain on foot. Others may walk back to the car and be driven down towards the beach.
    Drive to Arher
    Arher is the meeting point of freshwater and saltwater, creating an impressive natural phenomenon. Over here you’ll find some giant sand dunes.
    Free to explore around the area on your own. Those up to the challenge may climb the 300 meter high sand dune found here.
    Dinner and overnight in Arher.

  • Day 4 - Arher – Hoq’s Cave/Raw Ersil – Dihamri Marine Protected Area – Hadibo

    Breakfast, then after waking up next to the beach you may choose between 2 morning activities:
    A steep hike to Hoq’s Cave (4 hours). This is one of the most important spots on the island. OR:
    Be driven to Raw Erisel, the meeting point of the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean and walk from there back to the camp.

    Once everybody has returned from their chosen activity, we’ll have lunch and drive to Dihamri Marine Protected Area. While the beach may not be so spectacular here, in the sea you’ll find a great diversity of flora and fauna.
    Here, diving and snorkelling are available (rental available, extra cost) or you can also decide to join the local fishermen for sea expedition!
    We’ll bring back freshly caught fish from the sea for dinner in Dihamri.
    Overnight in Hadibo.

  • Day 5 - Hadibo – Dixsam

    Breakfast and begin drive to the Dixsam Plateau. This is the most famous spot for the Dragon’s Blood trees, where you can also spot many rare birds.
    Along the drive we’ll stop for photos at Shehahon’s viewpoint.

    We will have lunch in the village of Dixsam. Here we’ll meet the head of the village who will happily tell more about his functions here and the situation of the people living on Socotra Island.
    Stop at Wadi Derhur where we can take a walk. This used to be a famous camping spot, but sadly, after a major storm everything was damaged.
    Hike through the beginning of Fermahin – a forest of Dragon’s Blood trees.
    Tonight we’ll mingle with the people of a typical Socotri village!
    Dinner and overnight at a homestay in Dixsam.

  • Day 6 - Dixsam – Zahek & Hayf – Dagub – Amak – Dixsam


    Breaking and head out for a walk through the village accompanied by our new local friends, including a visit to the local garden, where they try to plant new Dragon’s Blood trees.
    Drive towards the Southern coast at Nogud.
    Explore the cave of Dagub.
    Stop at the big sand dunes of Sahek and Hayf at Amak Beach, where you can swim in the sea.

    Lunch at the cave or at Amak Beach, depending on the sun.
    Return back to Dixsam for dinner and overnight, surrounded by Dragon’s Blood trees.

  • Day 7 - Qalansiya – Shuaab

    Breakfast and early morning drive to Qalansiya, the second largest city on the island.
    We’ll take an half an hour long boat trip to Shuaab, passing by huge rock formations and flocks of birds. If we are lucky we might spot a few dolphins!
    Relax at the most beautiful beach of Socotra and meet the local goat herder, guarding his flock against the lupine hordes.

    Lunch on the beach.
    Upon returning to Qalansiya we’ll drive to Detwah Lagoon.
    Here we’ll make our camp and you can walk around the big lagoon and see the amazing landscape.
    Overnight camping at Detwah Eco-campsite.

  • Day 8 - Hadibo

    Breakfast and return to Hadibo.
    We’ll spend the day on a city tour of Hadibo and learn more about life in Yemen.
    Our first stop will be the women market (including its spice market) where you will get to see the kind of goods people barter on the islands.
    We will then head to the fish market. Here the fishermen bring a cornucopia of sea creatures and try to sell them to make ends meet. This place can get very lively and we might catch some auctions!

    We’ll then head to the khat market; it is here that the stimulating narcotic — all the rage in Eastern Africa — is sold.
    We will stop by the streets of the manufacturers of doors; these artists make ornate doors like those that can be found around many middle-eastern countries. They really make an art of it as each door is unique and is supposed to represent the family that lives inside the house it protects.
    We finish our day trip popping by a local school where we meet students, as well as the teachers, and interact with them for a possible impromptu English lesson
    Tonight is our last night in the faraway paradise, time to celebrate.
    Overnight in our hotel in Hadibo

  • Day 9 - Habido – Cairo (Egypt)

    Breakfast and wake up early to catch our flight back to Cairo.
    Tour concludes – YPT is also able to arrange post-tour accommodation or advice for flights.
    Group members apart of our Alternative Egypt Tour board depart by flight to Cairo – flight not included in tour price

  • Accommodation in Socotra: hotels & camping in protected areas
  • Camping & cooking equipment
  • Transportation to complete itinerary in Socotra
  • Local tour guide and YPT tour guide
  • All meals in Socotra
  • Activities (unless specified otherwise)
  • Roundtrip Flight between Cairo and Socotra
  • Visa Fee
  • International Flight Tickets
  • Travel insurance
  • Tips

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