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The 5 [Best Cheap] India Orphanage and Children Volunteer Providers 2024

The 5 Best Cheap India Orphanage and Children Volunteer Providers 2024

Are you planning to volunteer with underprivileged children in India, but unsure which provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we’ll send it off to multiple providers and they’ll contact YOU! You’ll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost program for the most affordable trip abroad.

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Are you planning to volunteer in India? Would you like to change the life of disadvantaged Indian Children? Are you searching for the best India orphanage and childcare volunteer providers and struggling to find the best and affordable one?

With so many companies online, choosing the wrong one can cost you time and money, jeopardize your safety and shatter your dream of an amazing volunteer experience.

For this reason, we’ve researched many companies and created this list of the best orphanage & children volunteer program providers in India. It’s our hope that this will save you time, effort, and money as well as ensure that you have the most rewarding and impactful volunteer experience possible.

Keep on reading to discover the best rated and most affordable India childcare volunteer providers.

Providers Sample price USD Reviews
International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) $659 Go Overseas – 2207 reviews
Go Abroad – 1657 reviews
Love $608 Go Overseas – 140 reviews
GO Abroad – 271 reviews
A Broader View $860 Go Overseas – 178 reviews
Plan My Gap Year (UK) $624 Go Overseas – 404 reviews
Go Abroad – 77 reviews
Kaya Volunteer $1940 Go overseas: 21 reviews

Table updated: June 2, 2024

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) (New Zealand)

volunteer hq

Established in 2007, IVHQ is a New Zealand-based organization focused on providing responsible, innovative, trusted volunteer-abroad experiences in 40 destinations across Africa, Asia, North America, Latin America, Europe, the Caribbean, and the Pacific. The organization provides safe, responsible, and high-quality programs with a focus on global awareness and cultural understanding via the skills volunteers share with the communities in which they work and the life lessons and experiences they return home with. IVHQ prides itself on ensuring volunteers make a meaningful impact in their volunteer communities.

IVHQ’s Childcare Volunteer Program In India

Due to its high poverty rate, India has a large population of homeless, orphaned children, which means its orphanages and childcare centers are always at capacity, lack resources, and are in desperate need of volunteers. The IVHQ child care volunteer project in India is located primarily in Delhi and neighboring Faridabad and involves working with children aged 4 to 8. Volunteers give English lessons, assist with homework, teach basic life skills, such as personal hygiene, and organize activities.

The fee

Volunteer in India orphanage program fees covers 24/7 in-country support, airport pickup, program orientation, a comprehensive volunteer guide, volunteer placement, accommodations and meals, and discounts on language lessons. There is a registration fee of $329, a two-week fee costs $415 and four weeks is $685.


A top-rated organization, IVHQ is values-led and its first-rate online reviews testify to this. Former volunteers applaud the organization with comments like “immensely rewarding” “magical experience” “students were so kind incredibly kind and welcoming.” With its ethical approach to volunteering abroad and glowing online reviews, be sure to include IVHQ in your research into children volunteering programs in India. Read all reviews of IVHQ on Go Overseas. Read all reviews of IVHQ on Go Abroad.

Love Volunteers (New Zealand)

love volunteer

Shocked by the high fees they saw being charged by volunteer-abroad providers, Love Volunteers (LV) founders Kelly and Julian started the organization in 2009 with a mission to be different, offering value at affordable prices. A decade later, LV has programs in Central and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Australasia. They pride themselves on the fact that 90 percent of fees go to localhost organizations, and programs undergo continuous vetting for positive local impact, responsibility, and safety.

Love Volunteers’ Childcare & Development program

Extreme poverty, illness, and gender bias toward males cause thousands of Indian children to be cared for in shelters and community-care centers run by non-governmental organizations. These children often come from traumatic situations, leaving them detached and in need of care and love.

International volunteer assistance is desperately needed, and the LV childcare program in Delhi provides just that. Volunteering with children in India means you’ll supply general care and love to the children, organize extracurricular activities, assist with homework, and teach life skills, such as personal hygiene. The goal is to improve present and future prospects for the children in Delhi. 

The fee

For a $299 registration fee, $549 for a two-week stay, and $789 for four weeks, you receive pickup from the airport and transport to the project, safety training and orientation, meals, accommodations, local support around the clock, and onsite placement and supervision.

The Reviews:

Impressive online reviews of this provider include “the affection, smiles and laughter from the children I worked with will be in my thoughts and heart forever” “brilliant and I highly recommend using them.” Be sure to look at this “handful of passionate people working hard to help . . . local communities around the world,” in your volunteer in India childcare program research. Read all reviews of Love Volunteers on Go Overseas.

A Broader View (USA)

Founded in 2007 by Sarah and Oliver Ehlers, A Broader View (ABV), was formed to provide flexible, cost-effective volunteer-abroad program, and with the belief that one person can make a significant difference in the lives of those less fortunate. ABV is a non-profit, 501 c(3) organization based in the US. They offer programs that focus specifically on child care and orphanage work. Their offerings include in excess of 200 programs in Central and South America, Africa, and Asia.

A Broader View’s Childcare Volunteer program in India

Poverty in India causes thousands of children to end up living on the street, without adequate food or shelter. Due the country’s continuing struggle with gender bias against girls, there is an always-increasing number of infant and young girls on the street or in orphanages. ABV supports orphanages and child-care centers in Jaipur and Udaipur. When you volunteer with children in India, you’ll be helping these homes provide a roof, food, education, and healthcare to improve their lives. Tasks include spending time with the children, and teaching them English, proper hygiene and health skills, help with reading and academics, and organizing activities.

The fee

With no registration fee, ABV’s two-week program fee is $990, and a four-week stay is $1250. In return, you receive accommodations and food, in-country transport, orientation, and support from local and US staff.


Positive online reviews of this provider include statements like “loved my experience” “memorable and rewarding” “efficient, reliable, helpful.” Make sure to check out ABV’s highly rated, personalized programs as you explore volunteer orphanage India programs. Read all reviews of A Broader View on Go Overseas.

Kaya Volunteer (USA)

Heilwig Jones was volunteering on a gap-year project in Thailand in 2004, arriving only two days after the world’s worst tsunami killed more than 200,000 people. Remaining on-site to help for months, she was so deeply moved by her experiences, she founded Kaya in 2008. The organization is deeply committed to responsible travel, along with sustainable social, environmental, and economic development. Kaya wants to both empower local communities and help volunteers expand their worldview via their programs.

Kaya’s Childcare Volunteer Program in India

When you choose to become a part of Kaya’s volunteer with disadvantaged children in India program, you will help provide care and education to some of the thousands of impoverished, vulnerable children who suffer from malnutrition and illiteracy. Help improve the children’s prospects for a better future by assisting local educators to develop their cognitive, emotional, social, and academic skills. You’ll work with local caregivers and teachers in slums and homes providing English and math instruction, organizing activities, and contributing to making a difference in the children’s lives while you learn about Indian culture.

The fee

India orphanage volunteering opportunity fee is $1941 for two weeks and excursion.  Fees cover accommodations, food, airport pickup, and transfer, 24-hour support, internet where you stay, and activities such as yoga, cooking demonstrations, and dinner with a host family.


Kaya sets itself apart by making sure to match volunteer interests and project needs carefully, ensuring a worthwhile, meaningful placement. Positive online reviews include statements like “extremely uplifting experience” “this project was superb” “it is a joy to work with the kids.” Be sure to check out this highly-rated organization as you research volunteering with children in India programs. Read reviews on Go Overseas.

Plan My Gap Year (UK)

Known for its reliability and affordability, as well as ongoing staff project inspection and improvement, Plan My Gap Year (PMGY) has been in business for more than 10 years. This constant vetting means participants are paired with programs matching their interests and skills and ensures participant safety. Local teams provide constant participant support, ensuring a positive volunteer experience.

PMGY India Childcare Volunteer Program

India is suffering from high levels of poverty and childhood malnutrition. PMGY child care volunteer programs in India assist children without parents (either they’ve lost their parents or parents cannot afford to take care of them) aged 5 to 16 years. Volunteers live in the project’s children’s home with 8 to 16 children, and support the home mother with meal preparation, help around the home, homework assistance, English teaching, and organizing activities for the children.

The Fee

PMGY Nepal child care volunteering Program fees include a $249 registration fee, along with $375 for a two-week stay or $525 for four weeks. Fees cover accommodations, meals, 24-hour airport pickup and private transport, in-country orientation, and 24-hour in-country support. These children have no income, so the fees are also used to financially help the projects, as well as supporting the childcare centers.


With many enthusiastic online reviews―participant comments include “the best thing I’ve ever done” “amazing,” “’wish I could’ve stayed longer”―PMGY is surely an organization you ought to check out in your volunteer-abroad project research. Read all reviews of PMGY on Go Overseas.


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