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Change Volunteer is a leading non-profit that supports charities around the world. Volunteers support animal conservation, education, and community projects. We offer our projects in South Africa, Bali, Thailand, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka.

We provide ethical volunteering opportunities to people who want to travel, and give back at the same time. We ensure all our centres are legitimate, and we monitor them to ensure that our volunteers are only contributing to decent projects that help the cause.

We offer hands-on volunteer experiences that change the world. We only work with the volunteer centres that reach our stringent ethics and moral framework, and we personally monitor them to ensure quality. We are based in the UK, but you can volunteer from anywhere in the world.


United Kingdom


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1 Change Volunteer Programs

Baby Turtle Beach Conservation Costa Rica
Costa Rica
Age Range
16 + Years
Project Types:
Wildlife and Animal Care, Sea Turtle and Marine Conservation... See More
Change Volunteer
1 - 12 Weeks