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China Highlights is a well-established tour company in China founded by Victor who had been working as a tour guide but was frustrated with the inflexibility of tours. He wanted to show travelers the best of China and started China Highlights to achieve this goal. The company specializes in providing fully customized and innovative tours in China that will help you discover China your way, according to your interests and at your own pace.

Throughout the years, China Highlights has carefully explored the best destinations and experiences in China and has furthermore selected knowledgeable guides and drivers to take tourists on trips. You can also choose from their creative pre-designed itineraries. You can participate in their Sightseeing Tours, Family Tours, Panda Tours, Tibet Tours, Hassle-free visa tours and New China Tours. These tours will provide you with an amazing journey in China. You will discover the blissful countryside, scenic landscapes, hike to the Great Wall, witness the life sized Terracotta Warriors, ride a high-speed train ride, interact with giant pandas, relax on a cruise, enjoy delicious cuisines and immerse in China’s ancient traditions.

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2 Days Wolong Panda Cub Keeper Program Tour
Age Range
2 + Years
Travel Styles:
Active and Outdoor, Nature and Bush Walks, Wildlife
China Highlights Tour
From $1009
2 days