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For those seeking to explore the stunning Himalayas, Himalayan Exploration Treks is a perfect choice. With over a decade of experience, they have provided exceptional service to countless travelers worldwide who want to discover and experience this unique region, home to some of the highest peaks and most beautiful landscapes on Earth.

Himalayan Exploration Treks offers a variety of trekking packages suitable for different levels of experience, from beginner treks to more challenging routes for experienced mountaineers. Whether you prefer high-altitude passes, remote villages, or cultural tours, there is something for everyone. Each package includes a professional guide who knows the area like the back of their hand and is knowledgeable about local culture and flora & fauna. They will provide fascinating insights into life in this part of Asia while ensuring your safety throughout your journey. Additionally, they are always available to answer any questions about food availability along specific routes, allowing you to plan accordingly.

If you want to explore natural beauty at its finest, look no further than Himalayan Exploration Treks. Their commitment to providing customers with the desired experience has made them one of the top-rated trekking package providers within budget constraints without compromising quality standards. So book now and embark on an unforgettable journey through breathtaking mountainscapes, accompanied by friendly locals whose hospitality will leave lasting memories long after you return home.


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1 Himalayan Exploration Treks Programs

Shey Phoksundo Lake Trek
Kathmandu / Kathmandu
Age Range
12 / 80 Years
Travel Styles:
Adventure, Hiking, Trekking, Walking Tours, Photography
Himalayan Exploration Treks
From $1860
12 days