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51 Best Thai Food Dishes | TravellersQuest

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Thailand is one of the forty or more countries that make up Asia. Characterized by its innumerable visual and tourist attractions, the country offers an extensive menu of Thai dishes recipes that can surprise many palates, even those who may have underestimated its cuisine.

Its cuisine is a mixture of different influences that make it a pleasant experience for all those who enjoy it. Thailand, culinary speaking, has a medium variety of preparations that are divided into different styles and categories.

Do you love Thai food and want to learn more about its preparation and history? Keep reading to learn about some of the best Thai dishes as you evaluate how you can incorporate Thai cuisine into your cooking. We include side dishes, noodle dishes, chicken dishes, vegetable dishes, curry dishes, rice dishes, and basil dishes.

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Best Thai Dishes

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Thai food has become more popular worldwide in recent times. That is why our selection of the best dishes is found below, including typical dishes, popular dishes, and lesser known but very delicious meals.

Pad Thai

One of the most typical dishes in Thai cuisine is pad thai. Pad thai’s full exotic name is “Kwa Teow Pad thai” which is derived from the ingredients and techniques used in its preparation, which are based on rice noodles, sautéed vegetables and seasoned with Thai sauce.

Pad Thai dishes can also be created with chicken, pork, fish or tofu, or all vegetable ingredients. There are different versions of this recipe depending on the area of ​​the country where you can also use rice noodles, soy noodles or flour, but the traditional thing in Phad Thai is to do it with rice noodles.

Pho Pia

Pho pia is a dish with influences from the cuisine of Vietnam but very typical in Thai cuisine. These are Thai-style spring rolls and can be filled with different ingredients, the most common are chicken and vegetables, but you can also make pork, prawns, tofu, vegetarian versions.

The preparation of this typical Thai dish is really simple and does not take too much time or effort. It consists of spring rolls, sautéed vegetables, and a sauce based on roasted peanuts, sugar, water, and rice vinegar.

Tom Kha Kai

As its name in Thai indicates this Thai dish is a chicken and coconut milk soup with a spicy touch corresponding to galanga (the root of Asian origin very similar to ginger), but it can be replaced by common ginger. The soup is prepared in a very short time, and by the nature of its ingredients, it is a great dish for cold days.

It is a really varied dish and rich in textures, flavors, and colors. Tom Kha Kai ideal companion is boiled rice, but it can also be eaten alone without any problem since it is an exquisite dish by itself.

Massaman Curry

This curry Thai dish consists of a combination of spices that are not usually seen in other Thai-style curries, and at the same time it is not too spicy. In fact, it has a sweet-acid-salty creaminess that is really delicious.

The Massaman curry is not complicated to make, it already has accessible ingredients, a maximum of twenty minutes’ preparation and the process of making the curry is not complex, the ingredients that stand out are mushrooms, coconut milk, and Massasam curry paste.

Kai Med Ma Muang

Kai med ma muang is one of the best Thai dishes. It is a chicken stir fry with fried cashews (cashew or merey), along with other vegetables. Sauté and dress with a soy-based sauce or sugar oyster sauce. The vegetables that usually accompany this dish is onion, all kinds of chili peppers, garlic and chives.

The original version of this dish is of Chinese origin, but the Thai version is also quite well known to have evolved the old recipe giving it that traditional flavor of Thai cuisine.

Cool teow moo

Considered a street food, this dish is a delicious noodle soup with pork, and is practically impossible to find outside the Thai territory. It’s created from vegetable stock cooked for hours based on rice noodles, pork loin, chili flakes, and various spices.

Although the elaboration of this dish seems intimidating, no step is really difficult or complex; and it’s really worth it to see the fruits of the finished product.

Thai Side dishes

Popular thia food
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While it is true that the main dishes are the most anticipated on a menu, the side dishes also have an important job at the table. Their role is to raise expectations for and harmonize with the main dish so the whole meal has excellent flavor. In the case of Thai cuisine, the best Thai side dishes can be seen below.

Moo Sa-te

Originated in the street kitchen of Bangkok, this Moo Sa-Te Thailand side dish was a derivation of other preparations that are given by influences from the Netherlands. This meal consists of pork skewers minced in thick julienne. This pork is seasoned mainly with peanut sauce.

Pork should be seasoned before cooking. This marinade should include slices of cucumber, white pepper, peppers, and salt. Then the meat is sautéed in vegetable oil. Finally, natural peanut sauce is added and cooked until it is significantly reduced.

Kao Kai Jiao Moo Sub Song Krieng

Kao Kai Jiao Moo Sub Song Krieng is one of the best Thai dishes often served as a side dish. It fits perfectly in an ideal Thai breakfast. It consists of an egg omelet that has pieces of pork, in addition to some vegetables and vegetables such as red peppers, onions, garlic, and scallions.

First, onions, peppers, chives, and garlic are lightly sautéed to brown. Then the pork is added and seasoned with salt, white pepper, and curry. Finally, the beaten eggs are incorporated into the sautéed mix and served with an accompanying tortilla.

Pla Muk Pad Cha

Squids are the stars of complex Thai dishes; these are cooked in an oyster and basil sauce. Squids should be washed and cleaned inside their baskets, in addition to the ink tanks close to the tentacles. After this, garlic, onions, hot peppers, red peppers, and chives are sautéed in vegetable oil. Finally, the already washed and boiled basil leaves are added to the oyster sauce so that the squid is cooked in this broth.

Barbecue Neu

These skewers are similar to those of chicken, only this time, beef is used and its cooked differently. Instead of stewing meat, they are cooked on the coals. These skewers also include roasted pineapple chunks, cucumber slices, and onion rings.

The veal is marinated before grilling. The condiments that take effect in this process are black and white pepper, honey, Worcestershire sauce, salt, ground thyme, and light curry. The next thing in preparing the Barbecue Neu is to place the pineapple chunks, cucumber slices, onion rings, peppers and the minced meat in thick cubes or julienne.

Kao niao sung ka yha

Instead of salty side dishes, this time, we present a light dessert which can also be interpreted as an entree before another dessert. This food consists of custards that are made with glutinous rice bases and are colored violet which makes them characteristic. In addition, this custard has as another main ingredient – coconut, which is a subtle way make smooth, but noticeable flavor.

This small custard block is served on a smoked banana leaf.

Som tum

Som Tum is one of the best Thai dishesthat consists of a salad that’s simply prepared and plated, although behind this simplicity lies a very good combination of flavors.

This preparation usually accompanies the Thai grilled chicken, this is because the taste of the salad and the chicken fit ideally. This preparation has a particular characteristic, this is that despite being papaya, it is spicy. Papaya is grated with carrots and red peppers, and chopped scallions are added.

Finally, for its spicy flavor, a vinaigrette with spicy chili oil and apple cider vinegar is made, then, this is added to the salad as the last step.

Thai noodle dishes

Delicious thai food
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Noodles in Thailand, as in most of Asia, make up a fairly large part of their gastronomic menu. In this way, they have the ease of combining with almost any ingredient and food. There are several types of noodles, made from different ingredients, regardless of this, they are incredibly versatile; their best versions are found below.

Pad See Aew

In this Thai noodles dish, thick noodles are used. These are combined with chicken meat, vegetables such as basil leaves, carrots, red peppers, garlic, onions, and chives.

Pad See Aew preparation is based primarily, like most noodle dishes, on sautéing vegetables in vegetable oil. Then the chicken breast is chopped into medium pieces and seasoned with curry, turmeric, white pepper, and sesame oil.

After the chicken is added to the sautéed vegetables and is almost ready, the cooked noodles are added so that they acquire an orange or yellowish color and the flavor of the chicken.

Cool Tieaw Moo

In Thailand, this noodle dish made from rice flour is one of the most consumed. This is because it has a relatively low cost and can be acquired by most people.

This dish consists of a soup, in which noodles and pork or beef are the main ingredients. First, the meat with red peppers, onions, garlic, carrots, and scallions, is lightly sautéed. Then, white pepper and salt are added. Finally,once the soup has reduced its volume, the noodles will be incorporated.

Kao Soi

This preparation is quite popular in the city of northern Thailand, in Chiang Mai. It consists of a stew or stew with chicken and noodles that have a delicious and characteristic flavor. This is granted by the curry that brings color and flavor to the dish.

In addition to chicken, it can also be done with pork or beef, however, the process is the same. The meat is cut into small pieces, seasoned with salt, black pepper, plenty of curry and sesame oil. Then crushed tomatoes with more curry, thyme and rosemary are added to sauteed. Finally, the cooked noodles are browned in oil and added to the stew.

Khanom Chim

The noodles in this Thai dish are made from rice flour. The dish itself consists of fish cooked in coconut milk and is served with transparent whitish noodles.

Khanom Chim preparation begins by seasoning the fish with white pepper, abundant curry, soy sauce, and salt. Then onions are sautéed, and then coconut milk is added to these. After it acquires a greater thickness, the fish will be added and simmered. Finally, when the fish is almost ready, the previously cooked noodles are added.

Kee Mao pad

Kee mao pad is also called drunken noodles because the person who first prepared this dish was drunk. Perhaps one would think that the dish is a bit disorganized or meaningless because of this; however, the noodles are quite popular and appreciated in Thailand.

Rice noodles in the best dishes should be cooked before any other ingredient. This is because they will later be combined the sautéed onions, red peppers, carrots, broccoli, and chives. Then soy sauce is added abundantly allowing the noodles to acquire a dark color.

Bami Goreng

This Thai noodle dishis a specialty and in this case, it is the dish that corresponds to conclude this category of noodles. The main flavor is given by the vegetables and the fish stock in which the noodles are cooked.

The onion is sautéed with bean sprouts, carrots, potatoes, chives, green peppers, garlic and celery chopped in vegetable oil. Then fish stock is added and is accompanied by sliced ​​mushrooms and soy sauce. When the broth has been reduced, the noodles should be added and cooked until the liquid dries almost completely.

Thai dishes with chicken

Authentic thai food
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The most commonly used poultry meat in Thai food is chicken, unlike Chinese food that duck and chicken have a hard-fought dispute. The next section reflects the tastiest elaborations of this gastronomy.

Kwan Homsai

This recipe for the classic Thai fried chicken is another typical of a Thai street meal. In the classic version of this Thai chicken dish, the chicken is marinated and fried directly. It should be noted that this recipe is very simple and not many ingredients are needed.

The chicken is usually accompanied with sweet chili sauce and can be eaten alone, although in Thailand it is accompanied with freshly cooked jasmine rice. This dish is quite accessible and cheap.

Chicken Red Curry

This curry is excellent because it does not merit much elaborate preparation or complicated ingredients, only the classic ingredients that every good curry should have. This dish is delicious and spicy, so it is only for spicy lovers.

This Thai style red curry recipe is also very inexpensive and therefore one of the most loved dishes in Thailand, both for its flavor and its cultural value.

Thai style roast chicken

This wonderful chicken recipe is one of the most exquisite and best Thai dishes. The chicken is passed through brine and then spread with a combination of coconut cream and kaffir lime before being roasted, resulting in a crispy and golden skin.

The characteristic of Thai style is its great variety of colors, smells, and flavors. This meal is no exception since the characteristic ingredients are kaffir lime leaves, Asian fish sauce, and spices include coriander seed and chili peppers.

Thai chicken with mango

The characteristic flavor of mango, orange notes, and spicy ginger makes this dish a unique experience, full of contrasts of unique aromas and flavors. This dish can be accompanied with Basmati rice, as is typical when eating with Thai chicken dishes.

This chicken with mango recipe is simple and very. It usually requires six to eight ingredients, which are sautéed to create a kind of thick sauce.

Thai style baked chicken

This style of dish is a variant of one of the traditional and best dishes in the Thai food history, the only difference is that instead of using the traditional chicken wings, chicken thighs are used and “Sriracha” (traditional spicy) is not used. Instead Chili is used. In this way, we can better control the spiciness level.

If desired, the “Sriracha” can be made with the following ingredients: chili, tomatoes, vinegar, garlic, sugar, and salt. The “Sriracha” can be cooked too, but in that case, you should not add the chili powder because it would become too spicy.

Chicken in peanut sauce and coconut milk

This recipe for chicken in peanut sauce with coconut milk mixes fantastic sweet and spicy flavors. The combination of ingredients evokes the cuisines of Thailand and Malaysia. It also has curry paste which can be easily made or if desired can be purchased at an Asian store.

The essence of this chicken dish is the peanut butter because it is the base of the sauce itself and it gives the sauce flavor and texture that will later be the one that gives the chicken its full flavor. This dish is not traditional from Thailand but has become very popular throughout the region.

Thai dishes recipes with vegetables

Special thai food
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Thai cuisine for people who do not consume any meat or love vegetables is quite broad and has great potential. The selection of the best Thai food dishes with vegetables can be found below.

Kao Pad Puk Rum Sai Kung

Starting with this vegetable Thai dish, this country has several recipes that it can offer for all those who want to incorporate vegetables into their diet. In this case, it is a shrimp salad with carrots, asparagus, red peppers, onions, and chives.

Vegetables on this occasion should be sautéed: onions, chives, red peppers, green peppers, asparagus, carrots, and tomato pulp. Then the prawns are incorporated into the mixture so that they acquire an excellent flavor. To conclude the dish, pieces of cucumber lime droplets are added, thus completing the salad.

Kao Tum Today Nang Rom

This time the vegetables in one of the best Thai dishes accompany oysters in a soup that is of a strong flavor; however, this is peculiar since it is only broth in its entirety, it also has fried rice in the consommé. In addition to this, prawns and fish meat also help to highlight the flavor of this dish.

Vegetables found in this soup are carrots, potatoes, chives, peppers, onions, and chopped garlic. This broth is prepared with rice, fish soup, shrimp and mushrooms.

Phla Salad

In this Phla Salad, the salad consists of shrimp, which are enriched with vegetables such as lettuce leaves, arugula leaves, basil leaves, carrots, and green peppers. All this is sprinkled with a few drops of lemon that give evenly distributed throughout the dish.

Peppers and carrots are cooked together with shrimp in vegetable oil, soy sauce and a little lime. This is then added to the ingredients that were previously mentioned after they are finely cut and distributed.

Tom yum

Tom Yum is not a salad, but rather a soup. This type of Thai vegetable dish is a fairly popular one in eastern Thailand. It consists of a consommé that contains vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, chives, onions, green peppers, and garlic. In addition to this, this dish also has an ingredient that gives flavor to the preparation.

The sumo of the tamarind with crushed tomatoes is added to the sautéed onions, chives, carrots, potatoes, green peppers, and garlic. Water is then added in abundance to create the soup. Finally, shrimp are added in pieces to give a coastal touch to this preparation.

Krapau pad

Closing this category is Krapau Pad. This preparation is very common in Thai fast food. Chicken, vegetables and oyster sauce are the main ingredients.

First, sautée broccoli, onions, and basil leaves with vegetable oil and soy sauce. Then the oyster sauce is added. After a few minutes add the chopped chicken in small pieces.

Thai dishes with curry

Common thai food
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In Thai food, curry is widely used in stews, boiled, baked preparations, soups and fritters.

Thai Green Fish Curry

Within the ways to prepare a good curry with fish, this Thai fish curry will is delicious, creamy, and full of flavor. You can use whichever fish you like.

This dish bases its flavor and consistency on the ingredients it contains such as peanut oil, onion, coconut milk, the fish used, which can be easily replaced and green curry paste.

Yellow Chicken Curry

Curry recipes are an essential part of Thai cuisine. There are different ways to prepare it. This best Thai dishes is based predominantly on yellow curry that is accompanied by coconut water, chicken broth, coriander, salt, palm sugar, ginger, chicken broth, garlic and salt.

Green Curry with Chicken

One of the most delicious recipes without a doubt of Thai cuisine is the famous green curry a fairly typical and emblematic dish. It’s the main thing you have to try if you are going to start in Thai food.

This dish consists of the following ingredients, chicken, coconut milk, green curry paste. Fish sauce, vegetable oil, and red pepper to finish that explosive and spicy taste that Thai people like.

Green curry with shrimp

Green curry with shrimp is a twist on one of the best Thai dishes recipes. It’s flavor is subtle, but abrupt. You can replace the chicken in the curry with shrimp for seafood lovers.

The ingredients of this famous and excellent dish are the following: coconut water, seafood, vegetable oil and most importantly red peppers that give it that explosive and spicy flavor it is recommended that when making this dish you are very careful and use a sauce of fish that matches well with shrimp.

Chicken Panang Curry

This famous curry dish does not have utilize tomatoes or vegetables in a traditional way, but rather uses Peanut butter and cherry tomatoes.

As ingredients of this dish you can find the following, for a combination of sweet and sour flavors at the same time, are present, coconut milk, Panang curry paste, and chicken to your liking that will be the main thing of this dish.

Pork Panang Curry

Panang pork curry is a signature pork Thai dish. Using pork instead of chicken as the main element of the curry to make it different and tastier.

This dish is between sweet and savory like the previous one, bearing similar ingredients: coconut milk, pork, panning pasta and if needed, cherry tomatoes

Thai dishes recipes with rice

Breakfast thai food
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Rice is essential in this type of Thai cuisine. This is because it greatly accents any type of dish or meat, be it fish, chicken, lamb or veal. Below are the best dishes with this type of grain from Thai cuisine.

Kao Pad Pu

The first of this category is the Kao Pad Pu. This Thai rice dish consists of rice sautéed with crab, gathering the flavors contained in the sea, with the enormous versatility of rice to acquire flavors and make with a small number of ingredients, you can bring a decent dish in terms of quantity to the table.

The oyster sauce is the one that will supply the liquid so that the crab meat is sealednext to the green peppers, onions, and garlic. Then the rice that was previously cooked is added to this sautéed combination. Next, add the tomato paste and sesame oil for the color.

Kao Nah Ped

This roast duck is one of the best Thai dishes. It is a meal should be accompanied by a large portion of white rice. In addition, asparagus, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, and garlic are included in this preparation.

Kao Nah Ped preparation process is quite simple. First, the tomatoes are crushed, and next the chopped onion, garlic and peppers. From this a sauce base is made. After this, the duck meat is cooked over low heat and in this sauce. Finally, the white rice that is covered with the tomato sauce and the pieces of duck meat is served.

Kao Pad Kraprow Moo Sub Kaidaon

Rice forms an essential part of this Thai dish. It consists of a beef stew that is accompanied by white rice that is dipped in the sauce can be cooked with the meat.

Mainly this sauce is made with carrots and crushed tomatoes. They should be boiled until they become liquid and soft, then they should be blended with onions and peppers. The veal is cooked in this sauce and is finally served on the white rice.

Kao Pad Prik Kang Moo

This spicy flavor Thai rice dish should be accompanied with white rice. This spicy flavor is granted by chilies and chicken meat is the ingredient that absorbs all this flavor.

 Its preparation consists of sautéing tomatoes with the chilies and then cooking the chicken so that it is golden. Finally, an egg is fried and a portion of the chicken served with white rice is served.


This meal reflects one of the most adored and typical Thai breakfast. It is a puree of white rice with pork, curry, ground thyme, rosemary leaves, and whole oregano.

The preparation process of this complex Thai dish begins by cooking the white rice. Then the pork is fried with garlic, black pepper, and salt. Finally, in a blender, these two main ingredients are combined and crushed with water and oil, then decorated with scallions and curries.

Kao Moo Kratieam Kai Dao

For Kao Moo Kratieam Kai Dao, various ingredients and flavors are perfectly combined. It consists of chopped egg tortillas, julienne pork, and rice that completely unifies it.

The egg omelet is made by beating and frying them in vegetable oil, then it is chopped and reserved. On the other hand, pork is cooked with oil, water, cumin, thyme, white pepper and soy sauce. Finally, the cooked white rice is spread on a plate and the minced meat and tortillas are spread over it.

Thai dishes with basil

street thai food
Photo Credit: Huahom from Pixabay

Basil is not only used by Italian cuisine in its fragrant green and tomato sauces, Thai cuisine is widely used in several of its dishes, to highlight the taste, smell and even the presentation of its elaborations.

Mango Margarita with Thai Basil

This great soda drink is very rich and nutritious for the properties of mango, Thai lime, and basil. It is one of the best Thai dishes around. The ingredients energize, stimulate, and revitalize the appearance of the skin.

This drink is very easy to make since its only ingredients are water, sugar, mango, lime, and basil. It can be created as a smoothie, in tea,or as a margarita, but it is delicious anyway you serve it. It is also a very accessible dish due to the low costs of its ingredients and the short time it takes to prepare them.

Sautéed Thai with Basil

Sautéed Thai with basil is a super-fast and easy recipe to make a delicious. The best accompaniment to this dish is white rice and a fried egg. For this reason, the Thai recipe is mostly vegetables, which makes this dish accessible to those who dare to cook it.

The Thai has a stir-fry of vegetables and chicken, meat or pork and a light (althoughvery noticeable) touch of basil which makes the dishes flavor quite rich. It can also be cooked as a stew or steamed, but it is advisable to sauté it.

Keto meatballs with basil sauce

These wonderful meatballs carry the full essence of the floral aroma of Thai basil, spicy ginger and the unique taste of spicy pickled onions. It is one of the best dishes in Thai food history, you will be able to find! Add all this to beef and pork with which the meatballs are made, and you get really delicious results!

These wonderful meatballs carry everything, a fantastic combination of ingredients that make these meatballs appeal to both your eyes and smell.

Pad Kra Pao Gai

Pad kra pao gai or fried chicken with basil is a delicious traditional Thai basil dish that originates in Thai cuisine that contains among its ingredients chicken flavored with sacred basil and chili. This dish is prepared fried or roasted, depending on taste.

Its main ingredients are chicken, basil, garlic, Golden mountain sauce or sweet soy sauce and red chili peppers, all sautéed in a Thai style, to get as much potential as possible to the set of ingredients that will be used for the preparation of this plate.

Spaghetti with Thai pesto

Spaghetti with Thaipesto is a tremendously easy, healthy dish that’s quick to make. That’s why people usually prefer pasta over some other foods that are slower in cooking and preparation in general.

Thai cuisine does not usually have much to do with Italian pasta or its cuisine in general, but in this unusual case, Thai cuisine utilizes pesto based on oregano, basil, rosemary and thyme along with other ingredients.

Baked basil chicken with oyster sauce

This magnificent Thai basil dish is somewhat complicated to make but it is really worth doing, this dish does not take more than an hour to make if it is done right from the beginning, and because the ingredients are not too scarce or difficult to find.

The recipe consists of a oyster sauce, assorted vegetables and spices typical of the Thailand. The chicken is marinated in this mixture and subsequently taken to the oven for at least twenty minutes of cooking, the ingredients after being cooked should sit for about ten minutes.

Thai dishes with pork

Bangkok food
Photo Credit: RitaE from Pixabay

Pork is one of the meats that are mainly used in Thai cuisine, in different ways, with different ingredients, no matter the same, pork and Thai cuisine go hand in hand perfectly.

Bun Thai

This originally Thai pork dish (which was copied by the Vietnamese) will be an explosion of flavor for your palate that not only consists of pork but has a combination of wild ingredients but different

Bun Thai contains grilled pork, on a plate of white rice noodles, accompanied by a sauce that will give the spicy flavor to that dish, also with red pepper.

Thai Style Sweet Pork

As a second dish with pork dedicated to lovers of sweet and spicy, thai style sweet pork utilizes soy sauce and other ingredients that will make this special dish for your palate and thus, very pleasant.

The ingredients of this dish are the following: pork, pepper, fish sauce, rice, and kecap sugar. All these ingredients will make the pork taste sweet and very pleasant, without a doubt, a magnificent dish

Sautéed pork with bean sprouts and thai rice

To finish our list of the best Thai dishes, the next dish consists of sautéed pork, bean sprouts and the classic but not surpassed Thai rice. This will be a balanced and flavorful dish that does not take much time and you are sure to love.

The ingredients of this wonderful dish are the following Chinese onion, soy sauce, sugar, pork, fresh tomato, bean sprouts, Chinese garlic, and most importantly the famous and Thai-style rice to complete the dish.

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