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  • Suzzen Sterl

    I am thoroughly enjoying my experience in Costa Rica. My language has improved enormously thanks to my classes and my host family who have all helped me so much. I have the best support if I need it and I am completely welcomed into my family. The project is rewarding and I feel like I’m making a positive impact on the lives of the Mamas...Read more

  • Arthur Chloe

    The overall price for the trip was very reasonable. I didn't feel like I was spending more money than the program deserved when it came to housing and accommodation and project placement. I also really enjoyed my host family -- they could not have been a better fit for me and they made this trip a great experience. My Spanish has improved...Read more

  • Michelle Pogba

    My daughter and I volunteered for 2 weeks at the NATUWA Wildlife Sanctuary. We were looking for a true hands on experience that was affordable and educational. It was all that and more!
    The staff were knowledgeable, extremely friendly and loved to joke around! They also took their work very seriously. We felt welcome for the moment we arr...Read more

  • Corinna B

    Had a really nice time at Latin American Sea Turtle Project. The staff and service was excellent. I learnd a lot more about those lovely animals and about nature in general. I can‘t say that mich because I only had time to stay for 5 days. So I tecommend you should definitely stay a longer time. I was there in October so it’s the rain sea...Read more

  • Jose Carlos

    I am a 17 year-old Guatemalan teenager, who had a unique and extraordinary experience in Costa Rica. The kiddos were amazing, and very eager to learn. The host family was very attentive and friendly.
    After finishing my classes, I had to opportunity to visit some museums and shopping malls. During the weekend I booked some tours through Tr...Read more