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Chapter 10: Annapurna Circuit Trek Guides and Porters


A skilled, honest, credible, and enthusiastic guide and porter is immense help during the trek. Such qualified guides and porters can be a great treasure for the successful trekking experience.

Similarly, porters help you carry your backpacks and luggage. They incredibly ease and unburden the trek. You need to trek with a licensed guide and better if you trek in a group of at least two members excluding the guide.

There are a lot of benefits to hiring a local guide rather than going for the Annapurna circuit solo trek. It gives you a local experience and straightforwardly gets into any side trip destination if you wish.

While trekking with a guide, the following qualifications of his/should be considered:

  • Government licensed professional
  • Experienced in trekking locality
  • Knowledgeable about the route, local culture, and costumes
  • Knowledgeable about history and myth or story of local places, villages
  • Well experienced in the seasonal Annapurna circuit trekking route
  • Properly navigate the trails during the trek
  • Well-trained about the uses of the First-Aid Kit
  • Trained in handling any emergency or unprecedented situations

With these, if you travel with a qualified professional guide, it will significantly enhance your trekking experience. Hence, a licensed trekking guide is an essential part of this trek. However, they don’t carry your luggage. Only in case, you got high altitude sickness they will help you.

A quality Annapurna circuit trek guide can be very helpful. They know all the shortcuts, and the best places to eat and can help you negotiate with lodging, etc.

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  • Carry around 20 – 25 kgs of your luggage which may consist of backpacks or other equipment.
  • Carry luggage of two clients maximum
  • Don’t speak much English but they are helpful and sincere
  • Strong people handling carry heavy loads
  • Facilitate communication with locals

Furthermore, you can hire a porter-guide instead for the following reasons:

  • More economical option that saves you from extra expenses
  • Capacity to handle two people’s jobs – a porter and a guide
  • Lead trekking paths and check TIMS and entry permit pass
  • Speak English but not fluently and carry your luggage
  • Experienced in trails and its periphery and with Basic English guide you in your chosen destinations
  • Provide basic knowledge of the history, culture, and lifestyle of the people residing in the Annapurna circuit trekking region.
  • Facilitate communication with the local people
  • Carry luggage around 12Kg – 18Kg

Annapurna Circuit Guide, Porter, and Porter-Guide Cost:

  • Guide: USD 20 – USD 25 per day including includes food, accommodation, insurance, equipment
  • Porter:  USD 18 per day including food, accommodations, insurance, equipment
  • Porter cum guide:  USD 22 per day including food, accommodation, insurance, equipment

They also assist you in finding the best possible place for food and accommodation facilities on the trekking Annapurna circuit. And, this is a rough estimation, and these guides, porters’ services may vary to some extent.


Can you hike the Annapurna Circuit on your own?

Yes, of course. However, an experienced guide or porter guide adds value to your trekking experience in the region.

Do you need a guide for Annapurna Circuit?

Not necessarily, but their knowledge about the local place, culture, history, and things found around becomes a treasure.

Where to find guides and porters to trek Annapurna?

You can find them through these two methods:
1. Contacting in person (getting contact details online or upon friends’ recommendation who already visited with them)
2. Visiting tour companies in Kathmandu or in Pokhara

How much does it cost in a day to hire a guide and a porter while trekking to Annapurna?

Hiring an Annapurna circuit guide or a porter cost varies according to their skills, experience, and travel companies. Generally, in average charge is:
Guide: USD 20 – USD 25/day
Porter: USD 15 – USD 20/day

How much do you tip a porter?

You’re expected to tip anywhere between USD 1 – USD 5 per day.

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