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Volunteer Abroad for College & University Students

Join the thousands of volunteers who are making a meaningful difference with their lives.

  • Feel what it’s like when someone else’s life has been made better because YOU were there
  • Partner with others who know that a better world begins with changing a single life
  • At $149, ours is the world’s most affordable volunteer program with no hidden fees - communities benefit directly.
  • Your safety is always our priority... every volunteer location and project has been thoroughly vetted
  • Contribute in the way that is most meaningful to you... with many life changing projects
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Change The World By Volunteering Abroad…. And Enjoy The Adventure Of A Lifetime!

volunteer abroad for teen and college studentsDo you have an urge to make a positive change in the world?The news each day couldn’t be more grim. Millions of adults and children are suffering in many countries and in desperate need of help.

If you’re like many people, you long to make the world a better place, but you feel powerless to do anything about it.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The good news is that creating change starts with YOU. You can make a huge difference in the world through individual acts of kindness, compassion and selfless service.

Volunteering abroad is a wonderful way to help others who desperately need assistance, while exploring some of the most breathtaking and fascinating countries on the planet.

You’ll be able to aid those who are suffering by sharing your unique skills, knowledge, enthusiasm and compassion.

And by volunteering to improve the lives of others, you’ll actually be helping yourself in countless positive ways.

For one thing, when you volunteer your services, it just makes you feel good!

Recent research indicates that volunteering provides a wide variety of amazing health and emotional benefits.

A study called “The Health Benefits of Volunteering: A Review of Recent Research” showed a relationship between volunteering and great health. Volunteers had lower mortality rates, greater functional ability and decreased risk of depression than those who never volunteer.

Volunteering also provides you with a deep sense of personal satisfaction. By working to improve the lives of disadvantaged adults and children, it will give your own life meaning, and instill a deep sense of purpose by helping those less fortunate than yourself.

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The Incredible Rewards of Volunteering Abroad