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Volunteer Abroad for College & University Students

Join the thousands of volunteers who are making a meaningful difference with their lives.

  • Feel what it’s like when someone else’s life has been made better because YOU were there
  • Partner with others who know that a better world begins with changing a single life
  • At $149, ours is the world’s most affordable volunteer program with no hidden fees - communities benefit directly.
  • Your safety is always our priority... every volunteer location and project has been thoroughly vetted
  • Contribute in the way that is most meaningful to you... with many life changing projects
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Change The World By Volunteering Abroad…. And Enjoy The Adventure Of A Lifetime!

volunteer abroad for teen and college studentsDo you have an urge to make a positive change in the world?The news each day couldn’t be more grim. Millions of adults and children are suffering in many countries and in desperate need of help.

If you’re like many people, you long to make the world a better place, but you feel powerless to do anything about it.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The good news is that creating change starts with YOU. You can make a huge difference in the world through individual acts of kindness, compassion and selfless service.

Volunteering abroad is a wonderful way to help others who desperately need assistance, while exploring some of the most breathtaking and fascinating countries on the planet.

You’ll be able to aid those who are suffering by sharing your unique skills, knowledge, enthusiasm and compassion.

And by volunteering to improve the lives of others, you’ll actually be helping yourself in countless positive ways.

For one thing, when you volunteer your services, it just makes you feel good!

Recent research indicates that volunteering provides a wide variety of amazing health and emotional benefits.

A study called “The Health Benefits of Volunteering: A Review of Recent Research” showed a relationship between volunteering and great health. Volunteers had lower mortality rates, greater functional ability and decreased risk of depression than those who never volunteer.

Volunteering also provides you with a deep sense of personal satisfaction. By working to improve the lives of disadvantaged adults and children, it will give your own life meaning, and instill a deep sense of purpose by helping those less fortunate than yourself.

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The Incredible Rewards of Volunteering Abroad

When you volunteer overseas, you’ll be helping disadvantaged adults and children, while enjoying international travel and immersing yourselves in thrilling new cultures.

You’ll stay with wonderful warm and friendly host families, which will create new friendships and memories that last a lifetime. You’ll also have plenty of time to visit top tourist attractions, go hiking, and explore local towns and villages.

The care, compassion and enthusiasm that you bring will start a ripple effect, and bring permanent positive change to adults and children, and the communities in which they live.

You can choose from a wide range of exciting volunteering opportunities in Africa, Asia and Latin America, including….

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Volunteering Gives You the Rare Opportunity to Explore the World!

Volunteering overseas is truly the adventure of a lifetime!

You’ll have the privilege of exploring some of the most beautiful and fascinating countries on the planet.

While volunteering, you’ll be able to immerse yourselves in a new culture, learn a new language, taste amazing culinary delights, enjoy hikes in gorgeous mountain ranges and beaches, visit sacred temples and Buddhist shrines…. and make lives better through selfless service.

The best part? You’ll experience the hospitality of people from different cultures whose lives you’ll transform for the better. The lifelong friendships you’ll make are an extra bonus!

Here’s even more great news…..

You don’t need any special skills or talents to volunteer. All you need to bring is your compassion, patience and burning desire to improve lives for the better.

Volunteering is a safe, life-changing adventure for people of all ages and walks of life.

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49 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs for Teens and College Students for 2018-2019

49 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs for Teens

Volunteering abroad to enhance one’s academic, volunteering, and professional skills is a sure-fire way to get the competitive advantage you deserve. However, what makes it a daunting process is the fact that numerous organizations may deceive students by sugarcoating their image into a credible one. Therefore, there should be a lot of factors to consider before choosing the right program.

So, how do you plan to select the best teen and college volunteer abroad program? As a college student, you have several options, but what matters the most is to opt for a program and organization that suits your specific academic needs.

In this article, we have made it easier for you! After conducting intensive research, we have come up with 51 best study abroad and volunteer abroad programs for teens and college students.

By making positive impact across the world, these study abroad programs prove that participating in summer volunteer programs for college students and study abroad programs is both meaningful and rewarding. Summer volunteer opportunities help teens gain enhanced exposure to international travel, critical thinking, and develop empathy while fulfilling their goals to create a positive impact on the lives of those who deserve some extra support from them. 

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National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS)

NOLS- 49 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs for Teens

Initiated in 1965 by Paul Petzoldt, a renowned mountaineer, NOLS provides summer volunteer programs for college students to experience remote wilderness tours and teaches them something they cannot find anywhere else: environmental ethics, outdoor technical skills, and leadership skills.

This level of education is surely unique and experiential because NOLS’ classrooms are the world’s awe-inspiring and wildest locations!

Top 3 Programs

Fall Semester in Baja

This course will take you to view Baja Peninsula’s contrasting environments on foot, under sail, and in a kayak. While enjoying this unforgettable experience, you will be able to interact with educators, local students, and fishing communities.

Wilderness Horse Packing

Even if you lack horse experience, this course welcomes you to pack and travel with horses. It includes travelling through Wind River ranges, the Red Desert, or Absaroka. If you are passionate to learn some basic horsepacking skills, then wait no more to know about the herd dynamics, feeding, riding, and saddling.

Semester in East Africa

This incredible course is filled with 45 days of camping in which you will develop outdoor and leadership skills, meet new people, enhance cultural competence, and push yourself emotionally and physically.

Program Reviews:

Having 99% positive reviews, the extraordinary accomplishments made by NOLS is appreciated by numerous students. Furthermore, if you are one of those who love to experience the wildlife while studying, then choosing NOLS can be a good option.

NOLS pushed me to discover what I value in life, and how to effect ethics to shape my life around those values. Going to the Himalayas for three months was incredibly daunting. However, NOLS gave me the knowledge, skills, and tools to accomplish things I never thought I could do, physically and emotionally. They didn't make it easy - nobody could. But they made it possible, when it otherwise would not have been. NOLS created a space for me to mature, learn impressive technical and leadership skills, and live my life better.


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Loop Abroad

Loop Abroad 49 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs for Teens

This organization, Loop Abroad was founded in Thailand in 2008. It is an amazing study abroad opportunity for college students who love animals and want to pursue a career as a veterinarian. Participants can volunteer at the Elephant Nature Park. Students also have the option to study ecology and conservation. This organization is also a Certifying Organization for the prestigious Presidential Service Award.

Top 3 Programs

College Veterinary Service Program

Students who plan on professionally working with animals are welcome to apply to this program. They can work side by side with a veterinarian at a dog rescue and an elephant sanctuary.

College Veterinary Program

This summer volunteer program for teenagers is for those who love animals. Participants will get a chance to live among the elephants and provide care for them and provide check-ups to dogs. Learning about the Thai culture is an added bonus.

Thailand 101

This is a perfect opportunity for college students and graduating college students to travel to a foreign country and learn all about their culture. Participants can enjoy tubing in the river, visiting a butterfly salutary, and many more exciting activities.

Program Reviews

If you are an animal lover and want to pursue your career in a similar industry, then volunteering for animal conservation can give a boost to your resume right from the start. For an authentic and adventurous experience, travelling to Thailand with Loop Abroad is quite a feasible opportunity. You can read all its program reviews on Go Overseas.

Loop Abroad and Thailand was absolutely amazing! It was definitely the best life experience that I have had so far. I learned a lot while over there. I love what loop abroad stands for; they do not ride elephants. And that's the best part because that's when you know you're volunteering for the best! The staff was very supportive. Overall I would recommend for anyone to go to Thailand with loop abroad!

P.s. I miss Thailand all the time!!


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Bold Earth

Bold Earth 49 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs for Teens

For 42 years, Bold Earth Adventure Camps have celebrated the greatness in over 17,000 teens through unbelievably fun summer travel adventures. Being family run, Bold Earth values putting families first and has welcomed participants from 50 US states and over 55 countries. Bold Earth’s 27 diverse outdoor, service and language adventures offer U.S. and international travel that is safe, authentic, unforgettable, and unplugged.

Since 1976, the Bold Earth values of independence, leadership, friendship, and partnering with local communities through service, have remained the same. Bold Earth is experienced with and committed to small, balanced teams of 13 participants and 2 professional trip leaders. Join us for an unforgettable experience around the world!

Top Programs

High School Adventures: Ages 14-18

With an incredible combination of extraordinary trip leaders, small groups, motivated participants, and action-packed itineraries, Bold Earth’s high school adventure trips provide an opportunity for an unforgettable and unbelievably fun summer. Bold Earth has something for everyone, from beginner to expert! Our 25 unique high-school adventure programs range from 12-25 days, and take place in the US and Abroad.

Whether students are backpacking in Alaska, mountain biking in Colorado, rock climbing in Washington, surfing in California, zip-ling through towering jungle trees in Costa Rica, hiking the great wall of China, or visit Machu Picchu, they are guaranteed a summer camp experience filled with learning, challenge, laughter and success. We offer incredible high school programs in the U.S., Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

The goal of Bold Earth is to teach skills which will lead to a lifetime of exploration, friendship and enjoyment. And in addition to wilderness travel, backcountry skills and incredible adventure activities, all of Bold Earth’s teen adventures include community service, giving us the opportunity to give back to the unique and spectacular environments we visit.

Middle School Adventure: Ages 12-14

Adventure, leadership and wilderness camps shouldn’t just be limited to the older kids. Bold Earth’s Discovery programs are designed specifically for younger, middle school students who are looking to take the leap from traditional summer camp to a true multi-sport adventure program. Backcountry skills, wilderness etiquette, outdoors immersion and increased self-confidence are all part of Bold Earth’s amazingly fun and worthwhile middle school summer adventure programming.

Bold Earth’s Discovery summer camps focus on a classic multi-sport experience for younger students. Our awesome USA activities include backpacking in Washington’s Olympic Mountains, sea-kayaking the magnificent San Juan Islands, whitewater rafting the wild Arkansas River, mountain biking world-famous terrain on Colorado’s Grand Mesa, and rock climbing in the adventure capital of North Bend. Colorado and the Pacific Northwest are incredible locations for us to teach young teens and middle school students backcountry skills and adventure experience.

Even more important than the hard skills that students gain from our Discovery camps are the friendships and teamwork skills they take away. Working part of a small group with other middle school campers from around the world, the participants on our USA summer adventures will come away with a bigger understanding of the world, more self- confidence and an increased ability to take on leadership and initiative. Through age-appropriate summer camps designed specifically for middle school students, Bold Earth teaches essential lifelong skills while providing campers with the best summer they’ve ever had.

Reach Cambridge

Reach Cambridge 49 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs for Teens

The organization Reach Cambridge is based in the United Kingdom and was founded in 2004. Students are being provided with the incredible opportunity to gain an exclusive insight into college life. Participants will engage in brilliant trips and activities in Oxford, Brighton, Stanford-upon-Avon, and London. This is a perfect combination of fun and excellent academics.

Top 3 Programs

Summer Groups

Reach Cambridge provides is the best way for students to get a taste of college life. The participants have the liberty to choose the courses by themselves. They can also enjoy leisure sports and town’s culture.

Science Programs

All the courses in Reach Cambridge are thought by expert teachers through workshops and interactive lessons. Students have can choose to study their favorite science subjects offered by Cambridge University.

Arts and Humanities Programs

Students thinking of pursuing careers in Arts and Humanities can choose this program. Each subject is taught by experienced teachers as well as professionals like journalists for media courses and barristers for law courses.

Program Reviews

Don’t miss the opportunity to study in one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Reach Cambridge has made it easier for students to grasp which university and study abroad destination is the best to pursue their advanced studies. To know about other’s opinions, read reviews about its programs by logging on to Go Overseas.

I have been to a lot of summer programs, and none of them compare to what I experienced at Reach. I wish I could go back next summer, but unfortunately I can't. However, I have recommended the camp to my friends and will continue to do so.


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The English Camp Company

The English Camp Company was founded in 2008. It gives college students a chance to teach English in abroad in Austria and Italy. Students have the chance to explore the beautiful cultures of Italy and Austria while teaching English in a tranquil summer camp environment. This is the perfect job for students in the field of education.

Top 2 Programs

Teach English in Italy

If you want to utilize your English language skills to help a group of people in Italy in learning English, then this program is an easy way to achieve your goal. You just have to fill out an application form that is specifically structured for English language tutors.

Learn English in Maryland

You now have an exclusive opportunity to learn English language in Maryland. The students who attend the summer camps in Austria and Italy every summer don’t have to learn English anymore in classrooms; they can learn it by conversing with native speakers. Students can now explore the culture of Maryland through this program.

Program Reviews

The English Camp Company organizes interactive and enjoyable summer camps in Italy and Austria where students can teach English language. This opportunity enables them to enhance their English language skills further while adding their gained volunteering abroad experience in their resume. Read reviews about these programs by logging on to Go Overseas .  

The English Camp Company helped me grow into the teacher that I am today. There are so many delightful aspects about being an E.C.C. tutor, that it is almost difficult to choose my ultimate favorite. This program is without a doubt one of the best out there--- especially if you are looking for an authentic, Italian experience with wonderful families and amazing students. If you want to feel safe, and feel instantly right at home; look no further, because the English Camp Company is the real deal.


EF International Language Center

EF International Language Center originated from the United States in 1965. Teens can benefit from this program by learning foreign languages. This organization can open new doors through education. Students will have an amazing opportunity to achieve academic achievement and also learn about foreign cultures.

Top 3 Programs

Language Courses Abroad in Spain

Nothing is better to learn a new language in its native country. As Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, being fluent in this language will open many doors of success and new summer opportunities for teens.

Language Courses Abroad in China       

If you are craving for individuality, this is the language to choose. EL International Language Centre gives students an opportunity to learn one of the ancient languages in the world.

Language Courses Abroad in Costa Rica

Experience the beautiful land of Costa Rica, the lush rainforests, pristine beaches, and wildlife. Surrounded by this natural beauty, students will have an amazing time learning Spanish language.

Program Reviews

There are so many advantages associated with learning a new language in an entirely different place, for instance, you can make new friends while you are preparing for your future as a global citizen. With interactive classes, you can also learn to speak the language faster. Read reviews about this organization’s programs on Go Overseas and Study Abroad.

Being in Barcelona with EF really brought out a side of me I never knew! I came home being more outgoing and more informed about the world outside my little bubble at home. This program is truly unique and different from others. EF forces you to open up in so many great ways, you're pushed out of your comfort zones and you reach goals you didn't even knew you had. I have traveled before but EF had helped me view the world in a different light, in a more respectable and unique way that I'll constantly use everyday.


University of Otago

University of Otago 49 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs for Teens

University of Otago was founded in 1869 in New Zealand. Students have the unprecedented opportunity to learn from international experts with world-class qualification. Students will get a chance to assist in ground-breaking research. Students can choose to study the subjects of their preference from Commerce, Humanities, Health Sciences, and Science.

Top 3 Programs

Career Development Centre

Without worrying for the future, you can now plan for it in the best way possible. Career Development Centre developed by the University of Otago assists you with career planning, career advice, job searching, and specific tools that are required to plan how you want to pursue your career.

Childcare Support

Positioned as a chartered association providing early education to children, this childcare support is an ideal learning platform for children aged between 0 and 5 years. It comprises of 5 on-campus childcare institutions that also offer various options for students. 

Disability Information and Support

This program celebrates diversity, empowers students with impairments, and promotes academic supports. Students with impairments or disabilities are welcome to University of Otago and unlock their full potential. Work with the best teachers and staff and remove barriers.

Program Reviews

Known as one of the oldest universities in New Zealand, University of Otago welcomes students from all over the world every year. In addition, the exceptional support being offered to students with any impairment is worth praising. This is one of the reasons why this organization has gained such positive reviews about its programs. If you want to have a clear picture, read the reviews written by its past volunteers.

I have so many beautiful memories from my trip to Dunedin and my study abroad experience at Otago. First of all I would like to thank the wonderful staff the made my trip outstanding, there was a lot of support from the University of Otago from all aspects.  People are extremely friendly in through out New Zealand and I've made lots of friends while I was abroad. I will truly keep New Zealand very close to my heart for embracing me with open arms! Thank you!


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KCP International

Founded in 1983 in Japan, KCP International is the leader in learning the Japanese language. This is one of the summer travel programs for teens that help them learn the language while immersing in the Japanese culture in Tokyo. Most students studying Japanese at this institution are able to pass the Japanese language proficiency test, giving them the opportunity to study at any university in Japan as a full-time student.

Top 2 Programs

Language Immersion Program

Language Immersion program pays attention to every individual. All four communication skills are given special emphasis, so that students will be fluent in writing, reading, speaking, and listening to the Japanese language. The teachers in KCP use Japanese as the primary language in the classroom so that students can benefit from it completely.

Cultural Immersion

Students can also choose to study the Japanese Culture and Civilization course. The lecture is taught in English language and gives students a chance to learn about the Japanese history, politics, economics, business, and customs. Participants also visit historic sites in Tokyo. Extra-curricular activities and other optional activities are also available.

Program Reviews

KCP International offers great Japanese culture and language programs that can help students polish their language skills. This is a good opportunity for those who want to begin their career in any of the cities in Japan. Participants have different experiences to share. You can read the reviews about this organization on review websites like Go Overseas, Go Abroad and Study Abroad 101.

Through KCP I got to meet a bunch of international students and converse with them solely in Japanese. My language skills improved a lot through the rigorous yet rewarding course. It was the absolute best! For those really wanting to improve their Japanese and maybe even attend Japanese university, go to KCP!


Rustic Pathways

Rustic Pathways is a volunteer abroad organization based in Dominican Republic. Since 2012, it has achieved sustainable development by providing summer volunteer opportunities for college students to experience awe-inspiring opportunities to impact humanity for the better. Considering philanthropy, education, and travel as its core values, this volunteering organization aims to take the concept of college volunteer abroad on a global level.

Top 3 Programs

Island Survival

Positioned as one of the best summer volunteer opportunities for teens and college students in Australia, Island Survival is specifically designed to help teen students volunteer abroad and enrich their survival skills. This program will teach you how to survive on a deserted island while carrying only the necessary rations. Too much hard work? Don’t worry as you will also get ample time to enjoy the turquoise waters while contributing in environmental projects.

African Wildlife Conservation

If you are a change maker, then go for this wildlife volunteer program. Perfect for animal lovers, African Wildlife Conservation opportunities for teens will help them interact with the volunteers of Jane Goodall Institute (a nonprofit global organization) and Roots & Shoots (a community initiative program). The staff of Roots & Shoots will teach you about African wildlife conservation along with its various components such as deforestation, data collection, soil science, community development, and community education. In addition, you will be able to conduct sample vegetation, plant trees, and raise the awareness of protecting African wildlife.

The Cambodia Children’s Project

Mostly preferred by first-time travelers, Cambodia Children’s Project is backed by volunteer activities to enrich the lives of children of Cambodia while helping them complete infrastructure projects. This affordable summer volunteer program for teenagers will commit you to create a bigger impact on the lives of Cambodian children who strive to learn in a village.

Program Reviews

Due to its increased volunteer base, the reputation of Rustic Pathways is worth mentioning. Earning a 10/10, this is the top volunteer abroad organization that offers excellent summer volunteer programs to volunteer in various countries across the world. Involved in building cultural bridges to enhance higher level cooperation and global understanding, volunteers have a lot to say about Rustic Pathways. You can check out its reviews on Go Overseas.    

This was a Great program. Very intense. Wasn't sure what to expect... Cool fellow students and nice experienced staff. Glad to have participated. I came from NYC and wasn't used to roughing it so it definitely was an unforgettable 2 weeks! I learned a lot about the landscape of Alaska and survival in general. I will definitely return to Alaska in the future on my own.

Thank you Rustic Pathways for fantastic memories!

By_ Derek

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IFRE Volunteers

Established in 2005, IFRE Volunteers aims to offer the most affordable summer volunteer programs for college students around the globe (starting at $99 only). With over 20,000 passionate volunteers, this volunteer organization offers 200 projects in 18 volunteer destinations. Based in the United States, IFRE promises that the payment made by volunteer abroad teens and college students is directly made to the projects and host families.

Top 3 Programs:

Volunteer Abroad Projects

IFRE has been successfully involved in offering summer volunteer opportunities for college students while providing them different projects since 8 years. With the help of its highly professional field staff, students have made their mark in medical volunteering, women empowerment, panda conservation volunteering, summer adventure volunteering, and community conservation to name a few.

Internship Abroad Program

An internship abroad program for college students is a sure-fire way to begin their careers. By offering highly affordable rates, field support, hygienic food, and comfortable accommodation, IFRE ensures that it is a worthwhile experience.  

Wildlife Volunteer Project

As a volunteer striving to engage in wildlife conservation, there is a lot to contribute by opting for wildlife summer volunteer opportunities for teens. Depending on your wildlife volunteer project, you will get a chance to work with lions, monkeys, desert elephants, horses, and hippos. IFRE ensures high safety for its volunteers.

Volunteer Program Reviews

Undoubtedly, IFRE has earned a higher level of satisfaction from its happy volunteers. This is mainly because of the fact that this foundation has provided several volunteering options to students. This has made it a life-time experience for many of the volunteers. Its reviews say it all.

I volunteered with IFRE on orphanage one and while its a different experience as there are no reviews on the orphanage project. I'd like to give potential volunteers an idea of IFRE my experience and the staff. Life in a favela is amazing Thanks Blake for making my experience more amazing, it really did rock!!!!

All smiles

Good luck with your research and planning!!

Have the best experience ever!!!!!


Global Crossroad

49 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs for Teens GCR

Established in Dallas, Texas in the year 2003, Global Crossroad has helped 18,000 volunteers change the lives of people in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Since its inception, this volunteer organization has seen a substantial growth rate of 300% by offering ample summer volunteer programs for college students. This is surely a worthwhile accomplishment.

Top 3 Programs:

Summer Escapes

Summer Escapes lets you experience a 4-week educational and cultural adventure to Costa Rica, Kenya, Peru, Nepal, Tanzania, or India. All these summer volunteer programs for teens are unique and offer village stays, language orientation, and cultural immersion with a chance to contribute in various service projects.

Himalayan Trek

If you are one of those thrill-seekers who love to explore the Himalayan Kingdom, then this volunteer voyage awaits your presence! This is one of the best summer volunteer opportunities for college students that gives you a chance to participate in Himalayan Trek. It will also give you the opportunity to meet the welcoming people of Nepal and make a difference in their lives.

Internship Abroad Program

This program offers customized internships for teens and college students. Having limitless options, you will be able to choose the country on your own. Some countries include Argentina, Costa Rica, Kenya, Peru, China, India, Ghana, Thailand, Nepal, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Volunteer Program Reviews

With so much to offer, they have a lot to say about the diversity Global Crossroad has provided to them. And these reviews are the proof! Moreover, the tremendous growth rate of Global Crossroad is something that attracts passionate students.

Several events in my personal life inspired my desire to volunteer. I searched online and several countries and organizations were in my mind and favorites. After I contacted several of them, I liked the communication, price and the conditions offered by Global Crossroad. I want to thank Global Crossroad for enabling me this amazing volunteering in Sri Lanka. At the end of the day, it was indeed a life changing experience. Something I truly needed at this point in my life. Thank you for enabling me this safe, risk free and highly enjoyable volunteering experience.


Summer Study Programs

Summer Study Programs 49 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs for Teens

Summer Study Programs give students an opportunity to experience a unique summer filled with exciting activities and stimulating academics.  Participants have a chance to learn about different cultures while spending their summer visiting spectacular locations. Students can start their pre-college experience by attending Summer Programs at esteemed colleges.

Top 3 Programs

Summer Enrichment Programs

Summer Enrichment Programs for college students offer them a head start on university life. Participants will be taught their favorite courses and enjoy informative workshops by top teachers in the field. Students can explore different historical places and have fun-filled activities.

Study Abroad Programs

Spend your summer in Paris or Spain learning about their beautiful culture and learning French or Spanish language. Students have a chance to study abroad in Europe by applying to Summer Study Programs for college students. This program has the right blend of extracurricular activities and academics.

Summer Study Classes

Summer Study Program for teenagers offers them an amazing opportunity to jump-start their college experience. How often do they get a chance to study French in France? This opportunity shouldn’t be missed.

Program Reviews

Summer Study Program offers the best pre-college experience for those students who want to grasp the idea of how college life is and how they should be prepared to excel in their academics. A lot of these students have shared their experiences in their reviews of the program.

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Global Vision International (GVI)

Based in the United States, GVI was founded in the year 1998 with the mission to empower its participants to grow personally as well as professionally. Currently, this summer volunteer abroad organization for teens offers 450 programs and is proud to create an impact in over twenty-five countries. GVI acknowledges the participation of its 25,000 volunteers.

Top 3 Programs:

Volunteer programs

GVI’s volunteer programs comprise of 150 volunteer projects including summer volunteer opportunities for college students in which you will be placed in one of the amazing volunteer destinations around the globe. The organization provides exclusive training and leadership from its professional field staff.

Youth program

If you are under 18 and are highly determined to volunteer abroad, then GVI has something for you: the Youth Volunteer Program. It is one of the most sought after summer volunteer opportunities for teens in which you can choose from its 18 special projects and go ahead. 

Teach Abroad

What could have been more exciting than teaching abroad? GVI specializes in its Paid Teaching programs in which you will be able to enlighten the minds of international students while meeting inspiring people from diverse cultures.

Volunteer Program Reviews

Not all organizations offer each and every program to its future volunteers. However, the diversity practiced by GVI has proved that going beyond one’s potential is definitely a feasible goal to accomplish. Having an overall rating of 9.7/10, GVI's reviews justify that this volunteer abroad organization is a must-try. For more reviews, please visit online review site Go Overseas.

I always wanted to travel and volunteer abroad but I was under the reign of my student/college loan payment. GVI's Paid Teaching programs offers an experience to work abroad and experience an entirely new culture and way of life while still making money.  It was a great learning experience and I highly recommend trying this out. Travel, Teach, Inspire & Learn!


CIS Abroad

Established in 2000, CIS Abroad is dedicated towards providing specific education programs to endorse global awareness as well as boost personal development so that its students may become engaged and motivated world citizens. Based in the United States, CIS Abroad teaches its students to embrace cultural challenges by providing summer study abroad programs for college students.

Top 3 Programs:

Intern Abroad

By promoting the concept of cultural immersion, CIS Abroad provides internship abroad opportunities  for teens that hold the best overall value around the globe. Destinations for internship placements include London, Barcelona, and more.

Summer Abroad

From business to political science to economics, CIS Abroad offers various subjects of study, including summer study abroad opportunities for college students in its highly affordable Summer Abroad programs. Destinations include but are not limited to Italy, England, Spain, France, and Ireland.

January Abroad

By enrolling into January Abroad programs, you can make the most of your winter break by learning a new language, vibrant cultures, studying one or two of your electives while exploring the breathtaking landscapes of your favorite country.

Volunteer Program Reviews

Spread throughout 6 continents, CIS Abroad is known for its programs for students by a lot of people who also aim to excel in studying abroad. This is how CIS Abroad has managed to enhance global awareness among its promising students. Find out more about this highly reputed organization on Go Abroad and Go Overseas.

Overall, I loved this experience and what it gave me in the long haul. My internship placement was AMAZING and I would not have traded it for anything. Even now, almost 3 years later I'm still so happy I was able to have this experience and work with the best people. In terms of safety, I felt very safe where we were staying, even being out late at night. Maybe since I'm from the New York area I wasn't so fearful of anything because nothing is like New York. Overall I would recommend this program to a friend..

By_ Manny Suarez

SPI Study Abroad

Established in 1996, SPI is a highly reputed educational organization directed by professional study abroad supporters and educators. Based in France, this organization aims to provide empowerment, lifelong skills, and enhanced confidence while participating in its summer study abroad programs for college students.

With the mission to gain recognition from a global perspective, SPI ensures that its students return to their homes with an enhanced sense of confidence and self-awareness through an authentic, meaningful, and unique experience abroad. The professionals of SPI have made this possible by delivering in-depth knowledge of language immersion to its multilingual graduates so that they can easily avail future opportunities of this highly competitive environment.

Top Program:

Language Immersion and Global Leadership Programs

These programs are available in Spain, Costa Rica, France, Italy, and China. If you haven’t enrolled in any of its summer study abroad programs for college students yet or you want to finish off with your summer program earlier, then SPI still has great options available for you. Depending on your convenience, you can choose one of the following options:

  • Early departure
  • Late arrival
  • 3-week program

Volunteer Program Reviews

With its 94% “Excellent” satisfaction rate, SPI is ahead of its competitors. Besides this, it has successfully delighted its students by providing them the opportunity to choose programs according to their own convenience and availability. Log on to Go Overseas to read some great reviews from its students.

I participated in SPI's program leading up to my first semester of college and, more personally, as a first taste of independence. As far as personal experience, the program provided an opportunity to explore a new place, meet new people, and problem solve independently; in this respect it was a valuable learning experience. Moreover, the program DEFINITELY gave me a unique experience as a participant-observer to daily life in Biarritz. Living with a homestay family had (still HAS, really) the most significant impact, for the experience showed me that language and culture is NOT necessarily a barrier, that with some effort and good humour, communication and connection is possible (and rewarding) between people, regardless fo their background.

By_ Arianna

Art History Abroad

Based in Italy, Art History Abroad was set up in 1983. Over 3 decades, this innovative organization has expanded to conduct not only Gap Year education courses but summer courses for teens and college students as well. In addition, it offers London walks as well as school visits to its students.

The founders of Art History Abroad believe that Italy’s numerous hidden treasures deserve to be discovered. They make it possible by enlightening people about the beauty of art in the form of painting, architecture, textiles, and gardens. This includes teaching them on site as well as outdoors.

Top 2 Programs:

Summer Holiday Courses

This program is classified into two different programs. Conducted in Rome, Venice, and Florence, the northern summer course offers learning, holiday, and travelling within 2 weeks. However, if you want to explore Naples, Rome, or Sicily, then you have an option to explore the unique view of Italy by choosing your summer holiday course in Southern Italy.

90 Day Semester Course

Within 90 days, this course gives you a chance to travel to London, Paris, Venice, Florence, Verona, Naples, and many other places. Throughout the 90-day Semester Course, you will be able to understand the themes of Europe. The schedule comprises of 12 weeks.

Volunteer Program Reviews

With 100% positive reviews, there is something spectacular about Art History Abroad. If Florence, Rome, and Venice attract you the most as a tourist, you can also know more about these places by choosing a study abroad program of your preference. To have a clear picture, read these reviews of Art History Abroad programs by visiting Go Overseas.

This two week trip was honestly the best two weeks of my summer. The tutors were excellent, so knowledgeable and really friendly. Not studying Art History made no difference at all as so many different subjects come into it and it was great to learn so much new and interesting information. I met some lovely people and the group all got on well, It was also lovely how the tutors integrated within the group. I would highly recommend this trip and would definitely consider going on it again. You are enriched with a whole range of art and culture so there will always be something for everyone.


SOL Abroad

49 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs for Teens Sol

Based in Costa Rica, SOL Abroad was originated in 2005 by a team of passionate individuals who believe that students can discover their hidden abilities only if they are treated in a special way. The organization makes this possible by providing its valued study abroad and teen volunteer abroad programs so that their students can gain an edge for the lifetime. 

Top 3 Programs:

Study Abroad and Spanish Immersion in Costa Rica

Providing high-quality academic support to students in Costa Rica, this program is filled with the exploration of Spanish language, beautiful places, and a worthwhile volunteering experience.

Study Abroad and Spanish Immersion in Spain

Offered in Granada, Spain, this program enables you to learn Spanish while availing various facilities such as, academic assistance, housing, and weekend excursions. If you want to contribute in a community service initiative, you will always be encouraged to do so by enrolling in summer volunteer programs for college students.

Study Abroad and Spanish Immersion in Mexico

Based in Oaxaca, Mexico, this program enriches your academic, volunteer, and travel experience.  While you learn Spanish in this beautiful city, you will also get an opportunity to teach elementary school children.

Program Reviews

The all-in-one approach of SOL Abroad is what makes it a unique and affordable study abroad organization for teens. After all, what could be better than experiencing academics, travel, and volunteering in a single program? To know more about SOL Abroad, these reviews deserve your attention.

My experience with Sol in Costa Rica was, in a word, phenomenal. Through Sol, I gained fluency in Spanish, formed friendships with amazing people, learned about central american culture and history, learned how to travel well, and much more! In summary, Sol is a great program that takes a personal interest in its students. It aims to help all program participants to develop not only linguistically and academically, but also personally with regard to intercultural competency, global understanding, and critical thinking. The staff also work hard to empower participants to become independent and capable travellers. I cannot recommend this program highly enough!

By_Casey Kelahan

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API Study Abroad

Based in Paris, API Study Abroad was established in 1997 by a group of four dedicated women whose passion was to provide affordable and high-quality study abroad opportunities for teens and college students. What makes API Study Abroad outstanding is the fact that it is determined to provide cross-cultural experiences to its students while focusing on volunteering abroad.  

Top 3 Programs:

Intern Abroad

Rather than just providing corporate skills, this program offers additional benefits to colleges students: enhanced self-confidence, a chance to take home a new language, transferrable skills, and a study abroad experience.

Volunteer Abroad

Summer volunteer programs for college students are a great way to help them create a balance between their academics and volunteer activities. This program is dedicated to students who want to spend most of their time in volunteering abroad.

Teach Abroad

If you like to teach, you will understand the subject even better. The Teach Abroad program is an enormous summer opportunity for college students who want to grow as global citizens.

Program Reviews

Having diverse opportunities, API Study Abroad truly deserves good words. A lot of people have positively reviewed this organization. To know more on program reviews, click here. However, this is not enough. A lot of students have expressed their opinions about this reputable organization. You can check out more reviews by clicking here.

In 2014, following my college graduation I was looking for opportunities to travel abroad to continue to utilize my Spanish skills. Having previously participated in an API semester program in Spain, I was confident in choosing API as a provider for a short-term volunteer opportunity abroad, knowing the quality of the program would be great! I am so glad I chose to volunteer abroad. I am so glad I chose to go abroad again with API. And most of all, I am so glad I chose Guatemala and was able to learn the ways of the panza verdes (the name for those living in Antigua, meaning green stomachs - because they eat so many veggies in Antigua!) I can't believe it has been two years since my volunteer experience abroad. I guess that means that it is time for the next!!


CIEE Study Abroad

Leading the industry of international education, CIEE is the world’s largest and oldest nonprofit intercultural exchange and study abroad organization that provides study abroad programs for college students. Based in the United States, it was formed in 1947 with the mission to develop skills of students in this culturally diverse and globally interdependent world.  

Top 3 Programs:

Study Abroad Programs

Spread across 45 countries, CIEE’s Study Abroad programs let you discover new cultures, build lasting friendships, and explore the world by connecting you with great academics. Scholarships are also granted to students.

Work Abroad Programs

Work abroad programs are specifically designed for university graduates who want to share their gained knowledge among those who are from a different cultural background. You will be able to choose a paid position in eleven countries.

Professional Development

To spread your knowledge and opinion about studying abroad, CIEE offers you the opportunity to be a part of the global network of its alumni. By achieving this professional development, you will get a chance to help others select and participate in the most relevant summer travel programs for teens.

Program Reviews

The core values of CIEE are not just written policies but are implemented for the betterment of students as well. As one of the oldest organizations serving students with all necessary opportunities to gain additional exposure, CIEE has played a vital role in contributing to the academic industry. Its fabulous reviews clarify this well.

My semester abroad with the amazing staff of the TEC program was so great!  I loved the wide range of activities we did, it felt like we fit an entire year into one semester. CIEE really had everything I was looking for in a study abroad program. As an interactive learner, one of my favorite things was having class in the forest. It was really cool to talk about the different species of plants and animals when they were right there. Most of the lectures were like this, we spent very little time in a traditional classroom.

By- Lisa

Projects Abroad

Originated in 1992, Projects Abroad is a remarkable volunteer abroad organization that is considered as one of the largest around the globe. Based on various internship abroad programs and service projects, the organization sends 10,000 participants abroad in a single year. Having the professional support of its experienced staff, Projects Abroad ensures that the college volunteer abroad students gain worthwhile, safe, and learning experience. 

Top 3 Programs:

Volunteer Abroad

From teaching to conservation to healthcare, Projects Abroad offers limitless summer volunteer opportunities for college students. To start off with your voluntary work, you can choose your destination from Asia, Africa, Latin America, or Eastern Europe.

Intern Abroad

Projects Abroad provides internship abroad opportunities for college students of over twenty-five countries. Interestingly, previous internship experience is not required so that you can experience interning overseas as easily as possible.

Global Gap Year

Exclusively designed for college graduates, Global Gap is a 27-week program for gap year learners who prefer international experience that spreads across 3 continents and 5 countries. This includes 12 diversified service opportunities.

Program Reviews

With amazing reviews, Projects Abroad has successfully managed to provide the best volunteering abroad opportunities for college students. However, there are other avenues as well. And this professional foundation is not left behind. These reviews indicate this perfectly. To know how others have expressed their opinions about Projects Abroad, you can read the reviews of Project Abroad programs.

I would highly recommend volunteering with Projects Abroad. The in-country staff was amazing. They were incredibly helpful. I did the public health project. We worked in the poor communities. The program managers that we worked with in public health really helped us get hands on experience and teach us about medicine. You have to really invest in the program and you will get out what you put in.


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Youth for Understanding (YFU)

49 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs for Teens yfu

Established in 1951, the YFU network consists of team members spread over 50 diversified countries. Based in the United States, these united professionals believe in thriving in a rapidly changing global society. Interestingly, YFU has successfully managed to benefit more than 260,000 study abroad students from its expertise and support.

Fluctuating economic powers, civil conflict, health epidemics, girls’ education, and various other growing issues continuously plague diverse cultures across the globe. This is where the mission of YFU comes in: to help different communities by promoting cultural immersion through its intercultural exchange programs and summer volunteer programs for college students.

Top 2 Programs

Study Abroad

Placing your heart in an entirely new community and gaining an increased level of global understanding is all about learning something you never got access to before. The Study Abroad program offered by YFU ensures that you gain a transformative and dynamic learning experience through which you as a student will be able to build conflict resolution and decision making skills while focusing on your summer travel program for teens. 

Volunteer Abroad

Since 60 years, YFU is making it possible to improve lives of different people around the globe with its volunteer initiative. The organization has successfully assisted 12,000 volunteers to carry out volunteering tasks they are most interested in. Some summer volunteer opportunities for college students include planning, leadership, intercultural communication, and more.

Program Reviews

Over the years, YFU has earned the respect of carrying out various social responsibility initiatives. Besides this, facilitating more than 260,000 students around the globe is what we call a great achievement. You can learn more about this organization by reading its reviews. To learn more about its reputation, visit Go Abroad.

I definitely would give YFU an A grade in their exchange programs. I was completely immersed in the German culture - living both with a German family and attending German high school. Needless to say, my language abilities improved very quickly. Sometimes it could be difficult to get in touch with YFU administrative persons - especially for my parents at home -- but each student was assigned to a counselor who they could contact at any time to talk with about homesickness, host families, school, etc. They were a great support system. This was an overall good experience.

By_Stella Fritzell

Atlas Workshops

In 2013, a new concept was born: travel should always be beyond tourism! Based in the United States, Atlas Workshops was originated to enlighten the minds of its study abroad students to tackle real world problems by traveling to places that deserve the most of their attention.

Atlas Workshops passionately implements this idea by conducting its field research on an international level. This is backed by its exclusive design trips. These design trips prepare students to act as global innovators by exploring current issues on a global perspective. In addition, students develop creative and problem solving skills.

Top Program

College Summer Program

The college summer programs offered by Atlas Workshops offer something unique to its study abroad students: an opportunity to work on a real-life project that will help them change the world. If you are one of those who want to go beyond just studying abroad, then you should experience this ‘purposeful traveling.’

These programs comprise of design, engineering, entrepreneurship, and research. However, there is a lot more ahead: an opportunity to view amazing sights, taste mouthwatering foods, and give back to the world!

Program Reviews

Providing a meaningful style of traveling, Atlas Workshops is appreciated by many. This way, it gives a chance to its students to collaborate with the youth, experts, leaders, as well as diverse communities so that they can enhance their intellectual as well as communication skills. You can find out what others are saying about Atlas Workshops by reading reviews of the company and its programs.

Atlas Workshop's summer design trip to Scandinavia was an academically challenging, thought provoking, and fun experience that I will never forget. Not only was I able to add Atlas Workshops to my resume, but also a booklet of information put together by the group. It was a concrete result of what we had studied and learned during the trip. This academic work is an example of how Atlas Workshop is not a "teen tour" that is so commonly viewed negatively on a college application, but rather an academic exploration. lastly, the trip was fun. Along with working on our project and meeting locals who provided new points of views and an insight on scandinavia and its culture, we enjoyed and explored what the cities had to offer. Overall one of my greatest summer experiences.


ISA College Abroad

Based in Costa Rica, ISA College was found in 1996 with a mission to provide exceptional cultural immersion opportunities to its students. This also includes affordable language learning opportunities for teens and college students who want to pursue their studies abroad. The team members of this organization work on a combined belief: traveling in another destination can help students achieve personal independence and self-awareness.

Top 2 Programs

Volunteer programs

Offered in Peru and Costa Rica, ISA College Abroad’s Global Impact summer volunteer programs for teenagers are filled with culturally enriched experiences for volunteer abroad teens. If you want to gain international experience, these programs are a sure-fire way to increase your service hours. Projects include developing playground, teaching kids, and participating in eco-tourism.

Study Abroad Programs

These programs include Gap programs in which study abroad graduates can start off with their studies prior to completing their freshman year. Participating in this exciting program will help you explore your hidden skills and build a competitive resume.

Program Reviews

The commitment maintained by ISA College Abroad to each of its students is worth appreciating. Its summer volunteer programs for college students are a surefire way to know how to serve local communities as independent students. These reviews speak the truth. However, if you want to discover more about this organization, there are more reviews that deserve a look.

Studying abroad through ISA provided me with the perfect amount of structure, while allowing me to be independent. I will forever promote ISA's Bridging Cultures Program, as this multi-day orientation is an experience like none other that taught me a great deal about New Zealand's culture and lifestyle. ISA's site support staff were also a huge perk to going through ISA. To sum it up, I received a phone call on my first day of "spring break" in Australia from my site specialist, who was just checking in to make sure I landed safely. The program staff's dedicate to their students i remarkable.


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Maximo Nivel

Based in Latin America, Maximo Nivel offers affordable study abroad opportunities for college students. Since 2003, the organization has diligently provided its international programs in Guatemala, Peru, and Costa Rica. As an internationally accredited organization, Maximo Nivel’s outstanding performance is backed by it highly committed, professional staff.

Top 3 Programs:  

Volunteer Abroad Programs

Maximo Nivel’s volunteer programs for teens enable them to expand their horizons beyond their classroom. It offers volunteer activities include teaching English to children, animal care, conservation, healthcare, children’s care, construction, and eco-agriculture.

Spanish Immersion

This affordable native Spanish program for college students provides a higher degree of flexibility that is appreciated by everyone. Taught by a certified Spanish teacher, you can learn Spanish even if you are travelling with your family.

International Internships

What makes this program worth considering is the fact that it provides personalized 4-week internships. To build an international network, you can choose from a variety of internship options such as, micro business, education, human rights, special education, and medical.

Program Reviews

Having a customized approach for all participants,Maximo Nivel has made its mark. Affordability is a concern for many students. However, Maximo Nivel has made it easier for its students to register to any of its programs. To know more about this remarkable organization, read its reviews on Go Overseas, a top review site.

Here it is! You just found the program you have been looking for! Maximo Nivel offers you internship and volunteering programs specific to your passions or courses of studies. It allows you to help those in need with both independence and opportunities. There is fun, work and a lot of learning. I, have learnt a language and gained so much from visiting Guatemala. Please, undertake this wonderful adventure!


Cross Cultural Solutions (CCS)

CCS was established in 1994. With the aim to change the way volunteering abroad actually works, the team of CCS believes that small acts of kindness can make all the difference. With an experience of helping 35,000 volunteers create a lasting impact on local communities, this organization has successfully managed to provide affordable volunteering abroad opportunities for college students.

Top 3 Programs: 

Volunteer Opportunities

By helping you address specific community needs, CCS ensures that the approach you choose to change others’ life is highly impactful. Its volunteer projectscontribute in different areas such as, education, child development, women’s empowerment, global health, support for the elderly, and a lot more.

Culture and Adventure

When you volunteer with CCS, you will learn things beyond contributing your efforts! Some of the popular cultural activities of this summer volunteer abroad program for college students include learning Arabic language, traversing a rainforest, discovering Islamic history, and much more.

International Internships

By getting support of top experts in specific fields, you will gain practical exposure in the area of your interest. International internships for college students are available in social work, public health, women’s health, education, special education, child development, etc.

Program Reviews

What makes CCS’s volunteer and internship programs so different? There are various reasons that justify how CCS has made its mark. Since the organization has provided great opportunities to a large number of students, most of them have achieved a high satisfaction level. These reviews speak out loud! To explore more about CCS’s reputation, please visit Go Abroad.

I highly recommend Cross Cultural Solutions for beginning - AND - experienced travelers. Beginning travelers - are helped, advised and taught how to travel safely, how to love and appreciate differences and how to gain self reliance in the wonderful world of travel. Being met at the airport, driven to daily volunteering, taken on field trips, and served wonderful food give the volunteers a safe learning environment. Living and working together with new friends provides lifelong memories. The staff usually makes helpful recommendations, useful suggestions and necessary information about "in country" dangers. There is usually a "blog" book of good and bad experiences of former travelers.


Spanish Studies Abroad

Established in 1969, Spanish Studies Abroad has been providing exceptional learning opportunities to students in Argentina, Spain, Puerto Rico, and Cuba. Known as a platform that offers cross-cultural studies to diversified students, you can select a program that is closest to your area of interest. Some of these include Spanish studies, education, health and natural sciences, and business and economics.

Top 3 Programs: 

Intensive Program in Seville

Consisting of 24 weeks, this comprehensive program includes learning coursework, local trips for studies in Spanish, various cultural activities, onsite support, and volunteering experience at various local charities. Besides this, college teens can avail the opportunity to explore Spanish culture.

Semester Program in Alicante

Available during spring and fall semesters, the duration of this comprehensive program is of 84 days. Due to its unique policy of “Spanish Only,” students are exposed to language learning reinforcement. Enrolling in the semester program will help you learn business, art, language, etc.  

Study Abroad in Argentina

This study abroad program for teens is filled with numerous opportunities in the form of Spanish studies, integrated studies, internships, and service learning. In addition, if you are unable to get enrolled in a full semester program, studying abroad in Cordoba has a short-term study program for you.

Program Reviews

Nothing beats the consistent teaching efforts provided by Spanish Studies Abroad. Since it has been focusing on evolving old programs and introducing new ones, this organization has tapped well into various markets of international students. Its reviews say a lot about its success. You can read additional reviews on Go Abroad

Spanish Studies Abroad is a program organized and run by passionate, interesting people. The academic experience is superior due to the Spanish Only Policy and the faculty and staff do a great job making life in your city comfortable and meaningful.

By_Ashley Racicot

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China Internship Placements (CIP)

CIP-49 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs for Teens

Having a focused goal to believe in its passionate participants, China Internship Placements provide study abroad as well as paid internship opportunities for college students. These programs are based in Beijing, Shenzhen, Nanjing, and Shanghai. Originated in 2005, CIP is one of those great organizations that provide global diversity to numerous graduates who want to build a strong career.

Internship in China Program

There is lot of uniqueness about this program apart from assuring guaranteed placement. CIP’s executive internships provide an exceptional platform for graduates to gain corporate exposure and experience through entrepreneurial training, corporate grooming, and professional monitoring – all this in the Chinese economy.

Intensive Chinese Language

If you want to experience the fusion of Internship and Chinese language learning, then this program is undeniably a good fit for you. Depending on your convenience, you can place yourself in various cities of China. Some of the options include studying Chinese language in Chengdu, Nanjing, Tianjin, Shangai, Beijing, etc.

Summer programs in China

Undoubtedly, summer programs are meant to enhance learning. However, CIP’s summer programs for college students offer something more: you will be able to gain cross-cultural awareness, personal growth, and intellectual discovery in terms of business economy of China.

Program Reviews

Positioned as ‘the new face of 21st Century Internships designed for Millennials,’ international students and young graduates have a lot to share their experiences they learned from China Internship Placements. If you are equally interested to join its exciting programs, you can read its reviews on online review websites like Go Overseas and Go Abroad.  

I decided to join the Study & Tour Program organized by China Internship Placements (CIP) for a duration of one month. From the beginning I was quite impressed by the combined structure of their program – within that proposed four weeks I would get to learn Mandarin language and participate in all sorts of new activities for a full month. Spending just that one month in China was such a great experience that I am determined to continue studying Chinese, I understand more about the culture and saw a lot of interesting places. I am still in contact with some of the friends I made back during the study tour and I look forward to the next time I can visit China.

Summer Programs with CIP is awesome from arrival at the airport, program components etc.

By_Stephane Scule

American Institute for Foreign Study

Established in 1964, American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) is positioned as the leader in providing educational opportunities and cultural exchange for a large number of students. Now, the number has risen to 1.5 million successful students. Based in the United States, AIFS’s programs include study abroad programs for teens and college students and college study abroad.

Internships Abroad

Building your resume while studying abroad is definitely a fair deal. This is how AIFS benefits its participants: they can work as well as study abroad while experiencing the advantages of both learning platforms. It offers internship programs in Florence, London, Granada, San Jose, and Rome.

Volunteer Abroad Programs

According to AIFS, immersing oneself in an entirely different culture is best done by getting involved in its volunteer and community work. This dedicated organization provides affordable volunteer opportunities to teens by offering community engagement programs in India and South Africa.  

College Programs Abroad

AIFS offers a great way to spend summers: its study abroad language programs for students help them learn French, Italian, or Spanish while completing their college credits. These summer programs are available in Costa Rica, France, Spain, and Italy.

Program Reviews

The best thing about AIFS is that its campuses typically offer courses in English or in foreign languages from beginner to advanced levels, so you don't even have to know a foreign language to study abroad. This is one of the reasons why AIFS has got such great reviews on Go Overseas and study abroad101.

I would like to start by saying that AIFS has been a huge help with getting students to where they need to be every step of the way. This experience of traveling really opened my eyes to new surroundings and backgrounds while it changed my perspective every day. While being outside my comfort zone, the staff of AIFS did a great job supporting all students making it the best experience that I could have asked for. Overall, I think that this program is a great one and really helped our traveling experiences reach their full potential!


IES Abroad

Founded in 1950 in the United States, IES Abroad proudly claims that its world-class opportunities for students will turn their study abroad experience into an adventure worth remembering for the lifetime. The passionate team of IES Abroad is committed to provide over 120 unique study abroad opportunities in 30 destinations. This also includes scholarships provided to various students abroad.

Internships Program

With an eye for perfection, this organization focuses on what today’s employers demand from their future employees: global experience with a high degree of relevance, proficiency in foreign language, adaptability, confidence, and workplace experience. Interestingly, IES Abroad’s internships provide all these skills to its students.  

Study Abroad Programs

According to IES Abroad, there shouldn’t be any financial limitations to study abroad. This is why it offers affordable study abroad programs for college students. Besides this, financial aid and scholarships are also available.

Program Reviews

Having an easy-to-follow procedure to pay for your study abroad program, students find no difficulty in choosing IES Abroad to enhance their academic and professional skills. Its reviews speak a lot about experiences of volunteers from all around the world with this growing organization. You can read more about IES Abroad by visiting Go Overseas.

I will forever be grateful for the Semester I spent abroad in Amsterdam, and am so thankful I chose to go through IES to do so! The Law & Criminology Amsterdam program through IES was a perfect fit for my study abroad wants and needs. If you are having a hard time deciding where you should go abroad, you should 100% choose IES.


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CEA Study Abroad

49 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs CEA Study Abroad

Established in 1997, CEA Study Abroad offers its study abroad opportunities to teens in 21 destinations. Based in the United States, this prestigious organization commits to provide financial programs and scholarship programs of worth $2 million annually. Depending on your convenience, you can select a subject area, preferred term, and destination directly through its website.

Internships, Service Volunteering

This program gives you a chance to get ahead of other graduates through its international internship. CEA has successfully made it possible by linking its students to its wide networks of business and NGO contacts. This global exposure is surely going to enhance your corporate skills.

Study Abroad Programs

These programs are specifically designed to cultivate global competence and a sense of studying in a different culture among students so that they can understand demographic, socio-political, and ethical challenges. CEA’s study abroad programs also include academic lectures, co-curricular activities, and sports.  

Student Services

Student service is what sets CEA apart from other study abroad organizations. Originated to support its students right from the beginning of this journey, it aims to assist and guide you in terms of your pre-departure, housing options, living abroad, cultural engagement, and even re-entry.

Program Reviews

From current students to alumni ambassadors, you can hear and read a lot about the valuable perception created by CEA over the years. By providing different financial options, student services, and unique programs in various destinations, this organization has done it well. Its reviews are worth reading to gain insights into its programs. You can read some more on Go Abroad.

My experience studying abroad in the French Riviera with CEA exceeded my expectations in so many ways. The CEA staff is incredibly helpful. Other students at our school who studied abroad without CEA were so jealous I f all the support and perks we had as CEA students! I can't say enough to describe how wonderful this program is!


CAPA Study Abroad

CAPA 49 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs for Teens

Positioned as a credible leader in providing study abroad opportunities for college students since 1972, CAPA Study Abroad has successfully spread its presence in Dublin, London, Buenos Aires, Sydney, Florence, and Shanghai. This organization provides vibrant and multicultural studying environments to its students. Besides this, alumni also get a chance to become cultural ambassadors.    

Study Abroad Internships

In this rapidly changing business environment, igniting your career with an international internship can definitely give you the edge. CAPA has made it easier for you with its study abroad internships for college students. It has been doing this since 20 years. You can take help by speaking with its internship advisor.

Study Abroad Scholarships

With its amazing scholarship opportunities and financial aid programs, CAPA gives you all the rights to personalize your study abroad experience. This includes need-based scholarship, accommodation fund, blog grants, Vlog grants, and many more.

Program Reviews

By providing great scholarship and financial aid programs to students worldwide, CAPA believes that nothing should stop student’s dream to study abroad. Its reviews speak a lot about this influential organization as its students express about their experiences. You can read more reviews about the company on Study Abroad101.  

My experience in London with CAPA was better than I ever could've dreamed of. I learned how to live in a global city, made incredible memories and friends, interned with a transnational company, and developed personally and professionally. Study abroad as a whole is an enriching, once-in-a-lifetime experience that needs to be taken advantage of. CAPA was the perfect fit for me, largely in part due to the internship component and their emphasis on personal and professional development. Not only did CAPA place me at a site that perfectly aligned with my career goals, but they taught me how to articulate my study abroad and work experience in a professional, in-depth way, which is more difficult to do than I initially thought.

By_ Jill

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DIS Study Abroad

DIS 49 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs for Teens

Positioned as the non-profit foundation, DIS was established in 1959 in Denmark. It provides different study abroad opportunities including academic year, summer travel programs for teens, and semester studies in English. Aimed to improve its students’ personal growth and cultural engagement, DIS has its locations in Stockholm and Copenhagen. 

Study in Copenhagen

If you love to accept academic challenges, then studying in Copenhagen is worth the effort. Offering more than two-hundred elective courses, DIS provides a great learning environment to its students where they also get a chance to discover Europe through its discovery trips and study tours.

Study in Stockholm

There are numerous reasons that make studying in Stockholm so exciting. This place is filled with beautiful surroundings, and its metropolis is worth discovering. Secondly, DIS provides you a variety of program options to choose from, such as global economics, international relations, public health, and psychology.

Program Reviews

Study tours of Europe, field studies, learning opportunities, and challenging coursework are some of the great features of this reputable organization that make it worthwhile for the students of North American universities. Likewise, its reviews will reveal everything about its programs. Visit online review sites to read some more reviews about DIS Study Abroad.

DIS was an extremely organized study abroad program. DIS helped me figure out my classes, housing, cell phones, travels, etc. which made the experience stress free. It was also a great program with a variety of really interesting classes. I loved my core program (Positive Psychology) and getting to go on study tours with my class. I still keep in close contact with my host family, who I know will be my family away from home for a lifetime. They've already been to the US to visit me twice!



TEAN 49 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs for Teens

Based in South Korea, the Education Abroad Network (TEAN) was originated in 1995. Specializing in internship programs and immersive study, this organization provides international education throughout Asia Pacific. Having a dedicated team of expert staff, TEAN has partnered with more than thirty prestigious universities throughout this region. 


TEAM offers internship programs for college students in China, Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand. Interestingly, its internships have different flavors in each of these countries: Internship in China will provide you access to real-life corporate exposure for 10 weeks, whereas interning in Thailand will enable you to contribute in community services for 7 weeks.

Full- Degree

What could be better than fulfilling your dream to complete a full degree program? TEAN offers Bachelor’s program, Master’s program, and PhD program in New Zealand and Australia. Since most people do not know where they should start from, TEAN’s supportive staff assists them throughout their application process.

Study Abroad

If you want to utilize your winter break by learning in an entirely new culture or you want to enjoy summers while completing a study abroad program, TEAN has it all for you! It offers winter terms, semester programs, and various other summer study abroad programs for teenagers in South Korea, New Zealand, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, and China. 

Program Reviews

Pre-departure advice, cultural excursions, accommodations, consistent support from experienced staff, and strong partnerships with credible universities have made TEAN a known organization for students. Undoubtedly, the collection of these features has resulted in such positive reviews. To read more about the experience of students, visit Go Abroad.

Choosing to fly to the opposite side of the world and into a different hemisphere is a decision that takes a lot of trust. That trust was something I had achieved right away for The Education Abroad Network, also known as TEAN. As an abroad network they truly take the time to make sure their students are put first and are in the best hands. They provide their students with endless resources and ideas to further engage in an incredible experience.

Living on the beach for four months was quite literally a dream and one I would replay over and over again. Thanks to TEAN I was able to travel abroad and grow as a person!


SAI Study Abroad

Based in Italy, SAI Study Abroad has been satisfying parents, faculty, and students with its exceptional study abroad experiences since 1995. By achieving the “Top Study Abroad Provider” for 2015, this foundation has gained an edge among educational organizations in Europe. Its academic offerings are paired with personal attention, immersive experience, community emphasis, and support.

Internship Programs

Unpaid internships are offered to students who are passionate about observing and participating how local businesses conduct their day-to-day operations. Interestingly, you have got options: you can either choose to intern on a part-time basis (while continuing your studies) or choose to apply your skills on a full-time basis.

Career Programs

These are academic year and subject-intensive programs. Career programs are also offered to undergraduate students so that they can take their studies to the next level. Furthermore, these programs are also offered to students who want to start their new career. At the end of the program, you will be awarded with a certificate and undergraduate credits.

Gap Year Programs

SAI offers gap year programs for those students who are willing to complete their college coursework. Giving an orientation about college-level courses and life, these programs are provided in the academic year as well as in the semester system.

Program Reviews

Partnered with reliable institutions in Florence, Milan, Rome, Siena, London, Barcelona, Paris, and Sorrento, SAI has made its mark to facilitate students in terms of education. The alumni have a lot of opinions about this organization. You can know more about SAI by logging on to Go Abroad.

I studied at London College of Fashion with SAI and gained educational experience as well as real-world experience I never would have any where else. SAI gave me a unique experience that other programs wouldn't have. We had travel opportunities around England as well as around the European continent, not only with SAI but also with London College of Fashion. Excellent tutors and excellent classes! Take advantage of education and travel while in London.


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EF International

EF 49 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs for Teens

Based in England, EF International has successfully strived well in terms of providing world-class education, language learning, travel opportunities, and cultural exchange to its students as well as university level professionals. Its journey began in 1965, and now, with its diversified programs, EF International has made it easier for learners to travel abroad and learn English.

International Private High Schools

EF International provides International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) for teens aged fourteen to sixteen. This program is specifically designed for those students who want to prepare for their education abroad much earlier. The program duration is 1 to 2 years.

University Preparation Abroad

Entrance criteria vary from one university to the other. This is why EF International offers its university preparation abroad program in the form of College Diploma for college students so that they can be prepared well to successfully get admission in their preferred North American universities.  

Bachelors, Masters and MBA

Students seeking entrance to any top university in the UK are offered various preparation programs including a 2-year A Level program. If you want to pursue your education by acquiring a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree, then choosing this preparation program will help you fulfill the standard requirement to study in any reputable university.

Program Reviews

Having a strong position in the market, IF International has made its mark in terms of changing the lives of its alumni by providing them the excellence they deserve in availing focused learning opportunities in English. Its reviews reveal more about the fact that IF International has been equally beneficial for professionals and companies. Log on to Study Abroad 101 to read more reviews.   

Being in Barcelona with EF really brought out a side of me I never knew! I came home being more outgoing and more informed about the world outside my little bubble at home. This program is truly unique and different from others. EF forces you to open up in so many great ways, you're pushed out of your comfort zones and you reach goals you didn't even knew you had. I have traveled before but EF had helped me view the world in a different light, in a more respectable and unique way that I'll constantly use everyday.


Edu-Culture Immersion

Established in 1998, Edu-Culture Immersion is positioned as an institution in Spain that provides exceptional summer programs in Costa Rica, Spain, US, and France. These study abroad programs are carried out by highly trained, professional staff having sufficient experience in their specific industries. That is why careful planning is where Edu-Culture Immersion has taken an edge.

Spain Immersion Programs

Spain programs are categorized into 3 group programs. Interestingly, each group program is different from the other. You will be spending three days in Madrid, and will take your 2-week classes in Salamanca or Nerja. Besides this, these programs include family immersions in Seville or San Sebastian (depending on the group program you choose).  

France Immersion Programs

France programs comprise of a group program (where you will be touring to Nice, Paris, and Cote d azur while attending 2-week classes as well. In addition, you also have the other option: to choose an individual program in which you can customize your French program according to your convenience.

Costa Rica Immersion Programs

Costa Rica programs consist of summer travel programs for teens and college students that offer classes with a 2-week duration, cultural activities including hiking while viewing volcanoes and hot springs, and various community volunteering projects.

Program Reviews

Having three diversified programs and fulfilling the needs of all students is definitely worth discussing. This is one of the reasons why Edu-Culture Immersion has gathered a lot of great reviews by those who have experienced its programs. You can check out its reviews by visiting Go Overseas.

My name is Emily Gross and I went on this ECI trip a few years ago. This is truly an amazing trip and opportunity to travel and immerse yourself in Spanish culture. This trip is a must! And if none of that matters to you, it looks really good on a resume.

By_ Emily

Minds Abroad

Minds abroad 49 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs for Teens

Founded in 2006, Minds Abroad is an organization based in the US that provides college students a chance to study in India and China. It provides an opportunityo take a trip to a variety of places and immerse in different cultures. The programs of Minds Abroad can initiate during any time of the year. The main mission of Mind Abroad is related to ‘learning by doing.’

Top 3 Programs


Minds Abroad offers summer volunteer abroad program for college students, gap year course, and student travel opportunities in India and China. The organization was named as one of the top 10 Citizen Diplomacy Programs.


College students have an amazing chance to intern through Minds Abroad and gain valuable knowledge about the business in China and India. The students can apply for internships throughout the year.

Language Exchange

One of the benefits offered by Minds Abroad is a free language exchange program. Students can learn about their peers and learn a new language. Language Exchange program can be called the heart of Minds Abroad.

Program Reviews

The program speaks for itself. Recognized recently as the “Top 10 Program in Citizen Diplomacy,” it provides a real life experience. However, if you are curious to know about the real-life experiences of the alumni of Minds Abroad, then read its reviews. You can also find out more about what students are saying about this organization by visiting Go Abroad.

The summer internship program with Minds Abroad opened me up to a world which I had never been exposed to before. I learned so much about China's culture every day by working with the kids at the school, hanging out with the Chinese student volunteers, and even just by walking around Kunming - watching dancers near Green Lake or taking the bus back to my apartment. The program provided the perfect balance between structure and freedom so that I felt secure, but was still forced out of my comfort zone.


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Forum-Nexus Study Abroad

Forum-Nexus Study Abroad institution was founded in 1990 in the United States. Students enjoy the intensive summer programs by this organization in Czech Republic, Holland, Austria, Turkey, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Italy, France, and Spain. Participants learn about the cultures of foreign countries and also their political and economic environment. Students who successfully complete all their courses receive an official transcript and diploma.

Top 2 Programs

Undergraduate Courses

A regular course comprises of 3 credits.  These undergraduate courses are categorized into business administration, economics, political science, marketing, sociology, art history, architecture, and management. Independent study options include psychology, journalism, nursing, healthcare, etc.

Graduate Courses

Interestingly, graduate courses comprise of the same subjects that are already included in undergraduate courses. However, what makes graduate courses different is that these offer an advanced level of academic studies to students so that they can enhance their learning skills. 

Program Reviews

Having the overall rating of 9.6, this program speaks for itself. Forum-Nexus Study Abroad’s reviews justify that this volunteer abroad organization is a must-try. Furthermore, the specifications provided are worth considering due to the fact that you will be exposed to detailed learning in each of the subjects you are interested in. To read more reviews, you can visit online review sites like Go Overseas and Study Abroad101.

Forum-Nexus delivered even more than I had ever hoped for in a study abroad! Although I took two classes in addition to the International IQ class, I still had plenty of time to explore all of the amazing cities that we stopped in. And not to mention all of the incredible friends that I met from all around the world! I don't think that I could have spent one month of my summer in a better way if I tried. I have recommended(and will continue to recommend) this program to everyone that I meet that is looking to learn about the world and make life-long friends!


Broad Reach Study Abroad

Broad Reach 49 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs for Teens

Broad Reach is an amazing study abroad foundation for those who are looking for excitement and adventure. Founded in 1993, Broad Reach is based in Belize. Students can choose between college credits or earn certifications in sailing and scuba. Its summer volunteer opportunities for teens will provide you with a global experience while offering worthwhile career opportunities. 

Top 3 Programs

Middle School Programs

This adventure is going to be beyond any summer camp you have even been to. Besides its international summer camps for teens, students can enjoy marine life, digital photography, and study biology or Spanish. It will be both fun and educational.

High School Programs

Looking for an amazing adventure and stories? Through Broad Reach, students can embark on a miraculous journey to places like Fiji, the Caribbean, Peru, or Costa Rica. Learn to speak French or Spanish, or avail a new avenue and study sharks.

College Programs

Real-world experience has no substitute. College programs let you experience a totally different world. Study the behavior of sharks or go to British Columbia through a kayak and learn about whales.

Program Reviews

Broad Reach gives you the opportunity to travel around the world and gives you the experience of a lifetime. What can be more exciting than getting a certificate in doing something you love doing such as scuba and sailing? Read the Broad Reach Study Abroad program reviews by visiting Go Abroad. To learn more about other volunteering opportunities offered by Broad Reach’s opportunities, click here.

The experiences I had while on my Broadreach program with amazing. I made amazing friends while being able to dive with the coolest fish I have ever seen. One of my favorite memories was when we dove at Saba and saw a Reef Shark and turtles in the same dive! Although this trip mainly focusing around diving, we got to do so many other fun activities while traveling. We went to beaches, played water sports, and played countless games. I honestly couldn't have spent my summer anywhere better than in the Caribbean with Broadreach.

By_ Will

Pacific Discovery

Pacific Discovery 49 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs for Teens

Pacific Discovery originated from Ecuador in 2001 is a volunteer abroad organization for college students. This reputable organization has taken around 2000 students on an amazing journey around the world. The instructors at Pacific Discovery are highly trained, experienced, and qualified. The safety record for its programs is outstanding.

Top 3 Programs

Gap Year and Semester Program

Spend a semester or year learning the aspiring culture of different countries through Pacific Discovery. High schools students can immerse in volunteering projects, learn different languages, and have inspiring adventures.

Summer Programs

You can also avail the Summer Programs for college students by Pacific Discovery. These programs are based on cultural immersion, leadership development, community and volunteer service projects, sustainability focus and ecotourism.

Custom Programs

The Custom Programs can help students experience the culture of a country in a different light. By living with the locals, they can learn about their history and environment. Volunteer programs help students to learn about the architecture and political history of the host country.

Program Reviews

Pacific discovery provides you with a challenging and meaningful experience. Students can have a hands-on learning opportunity and polish their leadership development skills. Read the reviews about this program by visiting and Go Overseas.

My experience with Pacific Discovery was life changing. The level of organization and variety of activities was so impressive, and the leaders of our trip were outstanding. The mentors on our trip truly cared about the success and experience of each participant, and made the trip memorable. The high quality and professionalism of this company is outstanding. I would highly recommend booking a travel experience through this company!


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Greenheart Travel

Greenheart Travel was originated from Germany in 1985. You can explore destinations while respecting the cultural heritage and environment of that place. Runner-up status was achieved by them in 2012 STAY WYSE Green Initiative Award for an excellent model for sustainable and environmentally friendly travel measures. Greenheart travel is the top eco-friendly exchange program.

Top 3 Programs

Teach Abroad

As a college student, you can volunteer as an English teacher in Argentina for the summer and gain experience from the locals and polish their language skills. The participants will live with a host family to gain insight into their culture.

Work Abroad

Work abroad program helps passionate students to get a taste of working abroad. The participants can work in any industry from food service to agriculture. By working side by side with the locals, you will be able to gain an unforgettable experience.

Volunteer Abroad

This program offers summer volunteer opportunities for teens at an animal shelter in Thailand. Around 90% of the dogs there are infected with fleas. The aim of the shelter is to provide a healthy life for stray dogs.

Program Reviews

Greenheart Travel provides an authentic travel experience for students throughout the country. Having a worthwhile recognition, this organization has successfully made its mark among all those students who want to volunteer abroad, teach abroad, or work abroad. Read reviews on these programs by visiting online review websites like Go Abroad and Go Overseas.

I really enjoyed going to Japan with the Greenheart Travel program. Through the Greenheart Travel program, I was able to experience new things that I wouldn't have the opportunity to experience. Overall, I truly enjoyed my time and experience in Japan. I would recommend this program for anyone interested in learning a country's culture and it's language.


Global Leadership Adventures

Global Leadership Adventures originated from the United States in 2004. The goal of this program is to promote leadership among students and bring positive change in the community. Participants will have an opportunity to explore natural and historic sites, learn different languages and cultures, and serve the society through significant volunteer efforts.

Top 3 Programs

Language Immersion Program

This program gives a chance to students to improve their Mandarin and Spanish languages. Participants can learn more about the culture of the host country by conversing with them in their local language. 

Animal and Wildlife Conservation

This is the perfect fit for you if you are an animal lover. Join forces with experts on issues surrounding wildlife and animal conservation. This summer volunteer abroad program for college students can help the animal who have been abandoned or injured.

Environmental Conservation

This is an opportunity for students to save the environment. Participants can volunteer in important field work. Help preserve and protect oceans, islands, and forests. Recycle litter and scraps so that they can be used in construction projects.

Program Reviews

GLA strives to work in protecting wildlife, healthcare, and political-economic issues. While learning an entirely different language by going abroad, you will also get an opportunity to contribute to environmental conservation as a volunteer. Read reviews of GLA programs by visiting Go Abroad, Go Overseas and Volunteer Forever.

While I was reading the other reviews to get some inspiration about what to say, I realized all of them had one major similarity, being that every GLA trip whether you go to Costa Rica or Bali (like me), you will have an unforgettable experience that will change your life. And for most that unforgettable experience helps to propel you to do incredible things for the people and cultures that populate the world.  I learned from everything around me, and I made long lasting relationships that I hope one day will bring me back.

This trip, just like every other GLA trip will alter your life and way of thinking about the world. If you're even slightly considering going on one, you should stop considering and go.


Global Routes 

Global Routes 49 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs for Teens

Global Routes was founded in 1986 and is a non-sectarian and non-government organization based in North America. The basic aim of this program is for students to push past the misconceptions and stereotypes and build stronger relationships with people from all around the world. Global Route’s programs contribute to the flourishing of the global community.

Top 3 Programs

Gap Year Programs

Global Route’s gap year is an amazing opportunity for college students to immerse themselves in different cultural traditions. Participants can work together with local teachers and teach science, math, English, or any other subjects to rural secondary or primary schools.

Custom Programs

If you like customization, then you can choose the programs of their dreams through Global Route’s Custom Programs. Participants can serve the local communities by volunteering at different countries and learning about their culture and art and also strengthen their language skills.

College Programs

The best way to learn about the country is to interact with the locals. Through this program, college students will have an amazing opportunity to connect with the global community and work with them side by side on different projects.

Program Reviews

Giving something better to the global community is what Global Routes is thriving to do on a continuous basis. This is one of the reasons why it has become easier to foster your personal development skills through Global Routes. You can read more reviews about its programs by visiting Go Overseas.

I absolutely loved my experience in Nepal. I felt that the group of students was incredible and sort of a self-selecting bunch because the trip was so rigorous that it weeded out anyone who wasn't genuine and willing to fully immerse themselves. Global Routes was really fun--a mix of going to see sights and exploring on our own volition. Overall, it was the self-selecting group of students and the two amazing leaders that made the trip so amazing for me, and I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to give up many of the material comforts of home in exchange for a whole new perspective on life.


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Institute for Study Abroad

Institute of Study Abroad was founded in 1998 and is affiliated with Butler University. It is a non-profit organization and gives students a chance to achieve a quality education. Through this program, you can achieve transformational experiences. Furthermore, this program will teach you about cultural diversity.

Top 3 Programs

Summer Programs

The best time to try something challenging and new is summer. You can apply to ISFA-Butler’s exceptional summer programs for college students. It is a chance for you to make new friends and get a quality education at the same time.


These days, the job market is very competitive. College students are given the opportunity to get an internship in a foreign country through IFSA-Butler and give their resume a much-needed boost.

Service Learning

Service Learning enables you to travel to Scotland, Peru, Northern Ireland, Costa Rica, and Australia for amazing learning opportunities.  Institute for Study Abroad offers Service Learning Program so that students can have learning opportunities.

Program Reviews

Institute of Study Abroad provides cultural diversity to its participants. Besides this, it is devoted towards intellectual and personal development of participants. With the help of its programs, students can gain knowledge about different cultures. Find more reviews on this organization by logging on to online review sites Go Abroad and Go Overseas.

IFSA Butler was supportive and welcoming throughout my abroad experience. I really appreciated having people at IFSA to call when I had questions or concerns during my application process. IFSA was more than just a study abroad program because in addition to coordinating my study abroad logistically, they also supported me personally.


Gap Medics

If you are thinking of pursuing a career in medicine, Gap Medics is a perfect place to start. Founded in 2005 in England, this company is a specialist organization dedicated to providing hospital work experience to students. An ideal environment is provided to all the students so that they are able to gain a comprehensive insight into healthcare.

Top 3 Programs

Community Healthcare

Community Healthcare is a way for students to give back to the society. Through this summer volunteer opportuniy for college students, you can help the people in need and make a real difference in the community.


This program can help students decide which field of medicine they want to go into. Students can shadow doctors and learn about the realities of a career in medicine in a real clinical environment.

Pre-Physician Assistant

If you want to follow a career as a physician assistant, this is the program to choose. Students have this unique opportunity to shadow physicians and achieve clinical experience first-hand.

Program Reviews

Gap Medics is an organization dedicated towards the field of medicine. It offers you a chance to jump start your medical education. Reviews on its various programs can be read on Go Overseas. If you want to know how healthcare students and professional perceive this organization, then these reviews say a lot about Gap Medics.

Not only was my experience with Gap Medics eye opening in the best way, it was fun, well-organized and seriously the trip of a lifetime. This trip provided me with excitement and motivation for pursuing a medical career in the future and I highly recommend students at any level to consider studying with Gap Medics.


Global Work

Global Work 49 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs for Teens

Global Work was founded in 1990. It offers international summer travel programs for teens that have combined adventure travels and community services for students. The organization works all over the world providing community services to people in need. The places include Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Australia, Nepal, Nicaragua, and many more. Participants in this organization help people in need of support.

Top 2 Programs

Summer Service Adventures

Having a myriad of summer camps abroad for teenagers and other adventure themes to choose from, you can avail various options according to your own tastes and preferences. Since these adventures are booked on first-come-first-served bases, you can save a spot for fifteen days. You also have an option to attend a webinar.

Custom Group Travel

Global Works provides amazing summer travel programs for teens. These programs are filled with experiential learning activities. Students can travel to international countries and learn about their culture and make new friends through Custom Group Travel.  Participants can learn about the art and history of the country and immerse themselves in their language.

Program Reviews

Global Works in known to be the leader in community service programs. It provides students with cultural and educational adventures. Providing a great opportunity to make new friends and learn something you could only dream of is what Global Works strives to carry out on an international level. Read its reviews by visiting Go Overseas and Go Abroad.

My experience on this Global Works trip was nothing less than phenomenal and life changing. Every day I spent in this amazing country helped me grow as a person in knowledge and understanding. Those who accompanied me on this trip would definitely say the same.


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Visions Service Adventures

Visions Service 49 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs for Teens

Visions Service Adventures was established in 1989. It provides students a chance to understand meaningful ways to productively contribute to the society. Participants will get a taste of adventure as well as a chance to experience cross-cultural communities. As a volunteer, you will get an opportunity to work in construction, farm labor, and will also get a chance to maintain the physical environment.

Top 3 Programs

Teen Summer Programs in Peru

VISIONS provides an amazing opportunity to visit Peru and work on environmental programs, construction, and water irrigation system. Participants can also work on their Spanish skills by conversing with the locals.

Teen Summer Programs in Dominican Republic

Make new friends and spend your summer in the Dominican Republic by joining this summer travel program for teens. You can volunteer in projects like building clinics, homes, and schools.

Teen Summer Programs in Montana

Spend this summer helping people in need. Students who are interested in construction work can join this program and help the tribes in Montana. The work includes construction of wheelchair ramps and playgrounds.

Program Reviews

If you’re looking for some challenge and excitement in your life, VISIONS is the perfect fit for you. Providing summer programs for teens in various categories has led students to get valuable exposure in academics, language, and volunteering abroad. Online review sites like Go Abroad and Go Overseas have mostly reviewed its programs in positive light.  

The best part of VISIONS is that it doesn't just benefit the communities it serves, it benefits all who come in contact with the program. Namely, it has a huge impact on its participants. During my trip with VISIONS, nothing else mattered, nothing else existed except those things. That feeling, of knowing a world that is wholly itself, has stayed with me ever since. For that, I am so, so grateful that I chose to participate in this program.


Spoleto Study Abroad

Spoleto Study Abroad is a non-profit organization which was founded in 1997. The main purpose of this program is to provide a chance of professional development for college students, administrators, and teachers. Participants can travel to Italy and gain knowledge of Italian culture, arts, architecture, and history. This will be a valuable learning experience for all participants.

Top 3 Programs

Students Programs

This program is great for students who are interested in humanities and arts. Students can enjoy the foreign country while learning creative writing, filmmaking, drama, photography, visual arts, instrumental music, and vocal music.

Adult Programs

Teachers can also benefit from the Adult Program by Spoleto Study Abroad. Teachers who have been teaching for three years or less are eligible to apply for a Teacher’s Fellow Program in Italy.  It will be an adventure of a lifetime.

School Tours

School tours are also provided by Spoleto Study Abroad. These summer travel programs for teens will let you enjoy an educational journey to Italy with the school. Don’t miss the great opportunity to witness the rich cultural, historic, and artistic Italy.

Program Reviews

Each program offered by Spoleto Study Abroad is catered to specific age groups. This has provided as ease to students in terms of choosing their preferred program. Benefit from a unique volunteer and travel opportunity by applying to this amazing program. Read reviews about the programs by visiting Go Abroad and Go Overseas.

My overall experience with Spoleto Study Abroad was fantastic! Artistically I definitely grew, and I was absolutely in love with the setting. Spoleto is gorgeous, and we got out to see many of the big cities of Italy and all they have to offer.  I made great friends who I am still in contact with as well, and overall the program was amazing. I would love to go back if I could!


Walking Tree Travel

Walking Tree Travel 49 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs for Teens

Walking Tree Travel provides unforgettable and challenging programs to students and inspires them to become global citizens. Students can get an authentic experience and will grow as future leaders. Participants have the chance to volunteer with Peace Corps in Senegal, teach English in Mexico at an orphanage, or live in China.

Top 3 Programs

College Service Adventure Program in Costa Rica

College students can volunteer and provide their services and help to many parts of Costa Rica. They can learn the culture and enjoy the beautiful beaches, active volcanoes and cloud forests.

College Service Adventure Program in Peru

Walking Tree invites students to the spectacular country Peru. With these programs, participants can help eliminate the inconsistent socioeconomic classes and uneven development while enjoying the vibrant land.

College Service Adventure Program in Guatemala

If you love traveling to new places and are eager to experience different cultures, this is the perfect program for you. Students can enjoy towering volcanoes and crystal clear waters which will leave you breathless.

Program Reviews

Whether it is about making efforts to gain knowledge about other cultures or volunteering abroad as a teacher, the college adventure programs offered by Walking Tree Travel are worth considering.  If you want to take advantage of the unique programs and travel the world with this organization, then you can read its reviews on Go Overseas.

I went on a trip with Walking Tree 3 1/2 years ago, and I can only say great things about my experience with this company! Peru was amazing, but without the planning and guidance from the leaders, the trip wouldn't have been as rich in culture and having a more local experience rather than just being a tourist! We had times where we could go off and explore by ourselves, and times to bond with the group. Definitely would recommend this company for any future travels!


Summer Fuel

Summer Fuel was founded in 1984 and it provides unique summer programs for teens. It has the perfect combination of learning, fun, and exploration. Students can benefit from their cultural immersion and language programs. They offer programs that highlight responsibility, personal growth, independence, social engagement, academic enrichment, travel, and language study.

Top 3 Programs

Pre-College Program

Students now have the opportunity to jump start their university life and live like an undergrad student. With their inspired curricula, students can learn new and exciting subjects and discover their passions.

Study Abroad Program

Through Summer Fuel’s study abroad program, students are being given a chance to experience the foreign country as an insider rather than as a tourist. The programs offered emphasize on personal growth, travel, recreation, cultural engagement, and social engagement.

Social Entrepreneurship Program

Dream of becoming an entrepreneur someday? Summer Fuel’s Social Entrepreneurship programs help college students to build efficient and effective business-based answers to social problems of the world. Students will also get a chance to measure and implement their plans and polish their leadership skills.

Program Reviews        

Not all volunteer abroad and study abroad organizations offer social engagement along with academic enrichment. Though there are a few, Summer Fuel is one of those. To avail engaging and innovating summer opportunities, choosing Summer Fuel can be a viable option. Read reviews about its programs by visiting Go Overseas and Go Abroad, two popular online review sites.

My spanish improved soooo much, and I am now even more interested in Spanish at school than I was before. The program is a great mixture of education and fun, because there is time for both. Plus, Even when you are just having fun, you can't help but learn Spanish because you are in Spain. This program is perfect for you if you like the beach, small towns, ice cream. My host family was absolutely perfect for me and I am still in touch with them. I hope to go back soon!


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Whether you are a teen who is looking forward to enhance their cultural, communication, and language skills, or a college student who thrives to gain an academic edge to make an exceptional entrance to university life, your wait is surely over! With a plethora of summer volunteer and study abroad opportunities for teens and college students to choose from, you are just a few minutes away from choosing a summer volunteer abroad organization that suits you the most in terms of your academic needs, career aspects, passion to volunteer, preferred travel destination, and program duration.

Before going ahead, ensure that you go through the entire programs in details. This will not only guide you towards exploring your own existing skills and discovering the need to learn more diverse skills, you will also be confident enough to say that you have made the right decision.   

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