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  • The Nepal Trekking Company (P) Ltd

    We are a group of 4 people booked the trip a half of year in advance and we did not even need to pay deposit because of Santosh - fantastic organizer’s flexibility (and he is a quick responser as well incase you have questions about itinerary or want to adjust it). We actually received a lot recommendations before but after a bit searchin...Read more

  • Apart from teaching English, you will also get involved in organizing various interesting educational activities. Your valuable support and native-level language skills will help poor Indian children develop English skills and get lucrative jobs in the future. Previous English teaching experience is desired but not mandatory to join this...Read more

  • Vivian V

    This is my first time going to Bali and doing overseas volunteer work. I always wanted to do so, but I cannot find an affordable one.

    For sea turtle program, I am so lucky to see 2 turtle mothers laid their eggs! The person who is responsible for the turtle centre (Agung) is truly enjoy taking care of the turtle and love them. I can fee...Read more