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  • Apart from teaching English, you will also get involved in organizing various interesting educational activities. Your valuable support and native-level language skills will help poor Indian children develop English skills and get lucrative jobs in the future. Previous English teaching experience is desired but not mandatory to join this...Read more

  • Vivian V

    This is my first time going to Bali and doing overseas volunteer work. I always wanted to do so, but I cannot find an affordable one.

    For sea turtle program, I am so lucky to see 2 turtle mothers laid their eggs! The person who is responsible for the turtle centre (Agung) is truly enjoy taking care of the turtle and love them. I can fee...Read more

  • Reka R

    Me and my friend spent 3 wonderful weeks teaching children (age 6-12) in a primary school in Bali, Kuta. During the process of our online applications everything went smoothly, we were given all the help and support that we needed. The in-country coordinator Komang was more than just a support for us, he took us to a traditional Balinese...Read more

  • Joseph Ferrari

    My time volunteering in Bali was split between volunteering at a sea turtle conservation center and teaching English in a small village in east Bali. Volunteering and living in Bali is completely different from going on holiday in Bali. The Bali you see on social media filled with white sand beaches, vegan food, smiling white people, and...Read more