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11 Best Inexpensive Internship Abroad Programs and Opportunities for 2020

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Best Inexpensive Internship Abroad Programs and Opportunities

Looking for an internship program this year but hoping to travel abroad as well? Why not have both? Countless companies across the globe offer internship abroad programs that vary in price, location and notoriety. Unfortunately, searching for the perfect program can seem impossible, so in hopes of lightening your load and facilitating the search, we’ve handpicked the top 10 best internship abroad programs around the world.  From teaching English in the heart of India to creating self-sustainable homes in Guatemala, pick from a host of affordable and unforgettable internship abroad experiences.    Below, explore our list of companies, the programs they offer and reviews from recent interns. In the end, the choice is yours and the more you risk, the bigger the reward.

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RCDP International:

Best Inexpensive Internship Abroad Programs with RCDP

Since its inception in 1998 as one of the first volunteer programs in Nepal and India, the Rural Community Development Program of Nepal (RCDP), has developed into one of the most widely recognized internship abroad programs in the region. Thousands of interns work annually with local community members to benefit underprivileged children and establish orphanages and schools. To date, RCDP oversees more than eight schools and orphanages that currently serve over 4,000 underprivileged children and orphans. RCDP believes the primary purpose of interning and volunteering must always pertain to improving the lives of destitute children and community members. To ensure their goal, RCDP has partnered with several different UK and USA based organizations in order to build their own orphanages and provide underprivileged children throughout Nepal and India their only means of survival. RCDP Internship Programs to Explore:

Intern in Kenya:

Whether you’re a student searching for academic credit or an excited volunteer hoping to better the world, apply to join RCDP’s internship abroad program in Kenya. Depending upon your skillset, RCDP asks volunteers to teach English, help at orphanages, aid the health sector and work on HIV/AIDS projects. 

Intern in India:

Much like in Kenya, RCDP places volunteers across the country in schools, hospitals and orphanages. However, in this overseas internship interns will work closely with the RCDP India project staff to create a report on their particular area of interest. Each volunteer receives a supervisor for their project as well as a host family to live with 

Intern in Thailand:

RCDP’s internship abroad program in Thailand functions almost identically to their program in Kenya. Volunteers collaborate with local communities and cultures to enhance schools, orphanages, hospitals, and environmental practices. Interns are also encouraged to engage and learn about Buddhist practices and customs during their stay.

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RCDP Top Internship Abroad Program Reviews:

Read through this first-hand account of an intern’s experience with RCDP, or search the web and explore more than 200 more reviews and testimonies online. RCDP Nepal is widely praised for its combination of high quality programs, comforting staff and cheap prices. Volunteer Evaluation form for RCDP program: Shabani Cuettri, USA, Health Sector:  “I had an incredible time in Chitwan. My host family was so kind and invited me into their home with open arms and made me feel at home. I had an incredible time volunteering and helping. I was able to sit in on doctors’ OPDs and surgeries and also was able to go to OPDs and OTs at BP Koirala memorial cancer hospitals. Overall I had an incredible time and look forward to returning.”

RCDP Nepal Abroad Internship Program Fees:

Unlike many other US and UK-based organizations that charge volunteers up to $2500 to volunteer for just 2 weeks abroad, RCDP guarantees lower-cost internship abroad opportunities and ensures that your fees go directly to the orphanage of choice. Fees include a registration fee of $269 dollars and weekly fee that pays for room, board and support of local projects. Weekly fees vary depending upon the internship, with the cheapest overseas program starting at $85 in Kenya.

IFRE Volunteers:

Best Inexpensive Internship Abroad Programs with IFRE

IFRE, an American based non-profit organization, offers over 200 affordable internships abroad in 18 different countries around the world. In just over 10 years, over 20,000 interns have worked with IFRE to unite and bolster local orphanages, schools, NGOs and youth groups. Unlike many of its competitors, IRFE’s programs abroad stress cultural immersion by providing language courses, traveling experiences and in-country volunteering opportunities. IRFE’s most fundamental belief is that the most meaningful experiences in life are born out of intimate interactions with grassroots projects, local communities and foreign countries. They sculpt every programs they oversea around this philosophy and make it their duty to offer their interns as many cultural immersion opportunities as possible.

Photojournalism Internships in Nepal:

IRFE’s Nepal programs offer top flight internship opportunities in and around the cities of Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan. Photojournalism internships offer the chance to enhance artistic skills and work under the supervision of a professional journalist. Photographers will explore and document awe-inspiring sights including views from Buddha stupas, Hindu temples and the Kathmandu valley.

Work with HIV/AIDS Projects in South Africa:

Intern with one of IRFE’s support groups and interact with terminally ill patients by means of at-home care, in depth counseling and emotional support to affected family members. Support groups create their own overseas awareness programs that serve to motivate, inspire, and protect HIV/AIDS patients.

Work with an NGO Project in Cambodia:

NGO abroad internships create programs based around the interest of the intern. Depending upon your skills, you can help brainstorm creative ways to fundraise and write proposals for local communities, aid land-planning/distribution techniques and even directly support fishing communities.

Internship in Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica:

Join a project outside the city of Atenas that focuses on local land and fresh water turtle conservation efforts. Project interns work directly with several species of in-land turtles, assist in hydroponics projects, help with organic fertilizer and the greenhouse and create content for the website.

IFRE Top Internship Abroad Program Reviews:

Out of 284 reviews, IRFE scores a 9.2 on intern satisfaction, ranking far above many of its competitors. Past participants rave about IRFE’s attentive staff, structured internships, positive lasting impacts and welcoming host families. Read the review below, or pop online to read through a long list of reviews from interns all over the world.

Costa Rica internship abroad program review, Lewis Kristen

“I really enjoyed the program and the director of the program Lauren was really nice. She took me around the country and really made sure I felt comfortable in her home which was also the volunteer home. She was very interested in any improvements we wanted or any ideas we had for around the house. She wanted to hear everything we were doing and helped anyway she could and really went out and took care of whatever was needed. The orphanage was really really well kept and ran so well. The children had a routine that they showed the volunteers and helped us get to know what to do. It was really amazing.”

IRFE Abroad Internship Program Fees:

At nearly 25% its competitor’s rates, IRFE offers extremely low cost internships abroad. Fees are separated into two costs: a one-time application fee of $299 dollars, which covers advertising, staff, office expenses etc., and a weekly program fee which covers everything from in-country transportation to accommodation an meals. Weekly program fees vary from project to project with the cheapest internship opportunity beginning at only $99 dollars.

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Global Crossroads:

Since 2003, more than 18,000 eager travelers have teamed up with Global Crossroads to experience the time of their life in one of 18 countries around the world. Global Crossroads stresses cross-cultural exchanges and exotic journeys and invites all to join one of their affordable internship abroad programs. A list which includes Volunteer, Mini-Ventures, Summer Escapes and Asian Combos. With Global Crossroads, interns can work communally with orphaned children, disadvantaged local residents and rural women’s groups as well as establish themselves as part of the community by living with a caring host family and fellow coordinators and staff members. Interns can even enjoy the ‘learning and earning experience,’ in which they can get paid to teach English during their stay.

Teach English in Ghana:

Provide underprivileged families their first opportunity at an education and teach English as part of local community governments and organizations. Global Crossroads invites all to apply as these projects requires no skills or certifications. Interns may teach as many subjects as they desire.

Join the Street Children Project in Guatemala:

Help give over 20,000 Guatemalan children currently living in and around trash sites the childhood of their dreams. Internship opportunities and responsibilities include helping children with their homework, activities, daily chores, personal care and food. Become aware of the amazing culture and sites that Guatemala offers.

Help sustain the Elephant population in Sri Lanka:

Work at Pinnawala elephant conservation, a breeding ground for wild elephants, and spend your time nurturing elephants in one of the world’s most exotic places. Live away from the fast-paced city and enjoy some of highest biodiversity of flora and some of the most hypnotic beaches the world offers.

Become part of the Handcraft Project in Brasil:

Empower Brazilian women by teaching them the useful skills they need in order to earn a living and become independent. Create lesson plans, teach useful crafts and help out with various other activities throughout your time interning abroad.  

Intern for Panda Conservation Projects in China:

Global Crossroads has joined forces with a conservation center in Ya’an China to create low-cost internships abroadin panda conservation. Work with knowledgeble staff to nourish, entertain and take care of pandas all while soaking in the amazing vistas and adventures hidden throughout China.

Global Crossroads Top Internship Abroad Program Reviews:

Global Crossroads rates right behind IRFE with a score of 8.8 out of 295 reviews. Interns and volunteers praise the family friendly atmosphere, the generous caretakers and the cultural immersion. Read the review below, or look online to read through a long list of reviews from interns all over the world.

Costa Rica, Orphanage Volunteer Project, Julie of Boston, MA.

“When I signed up for my 12-year old son, 16-year old daughter, and I to volunteer in Costa Rica for February school vacation week, I hoped that we would have fun, meet new people, study Spanish, enjoy warm weather, and give back. We got all that and so much more. The orphanage was wonderful. The nuns and workers were fabulous caretakers. We loved how the older girls helped take care of the younger children and how each of the houses were organized like families. We all really enjoyed studying Spanish every night and then putting it into practice with the kids, our volunteer home host, and the orphanage workers every day. The food at our volunteer home was yummy and it was nice to be in a "real" neighborhood and not a touristy location.”

Global Crossroad Abroad Internship Program Fees:

Global Crossroad’s prices sit amongst the cheapest of all internship abroad programs in the world. Interns incur a flat rate registration fee of $299, then a program fee associated with their selected internship. Fees start as low as $135 and cover all in-country necessities. Furthermore, they are paid to directly to host families and programs to ensure maximum production.

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Go Eco:

Go Eco offers cheap internships abroad on all seven continents with a focus on ecological and humanitarian programs. Pick from an endless list of internships which all offer personal attention and guidance under mentors while working in a responsible, friendly and gracious community. Target interns should be adventurous travelers with a love for conservation ecology. Go Eco organized the arrangement of all logistical aspects along the way guaranteeing a safe and smooth journey. After completion, interns receive a professional reference which will uniquely distinguish them from competition while applying to jobs in the future.

Porto Hospitality Internship in Portugal:

For 6 to 10 weeks, become part of a fun-loving, and eccentric team of travelers and interns like yourself at the fourth best hostel in the world. Work in reception, the kitchen and general maintenance in order to provide guests the stay of their lives.

Intern in a hostel in Tel Aviv:

Live near the beach and gain invaluable experience interning abroad at one of Tel Aviv’s premier hostels. Interact with guests from all over the world, plan events and carry out housekeeping duties.

Medical and Health Care Internship in India:

Intern overseas at medical facilities around Palampur India for anywhere between 2-12 weeks. Interns assist medical professionals in their daily work and must apply 1-2 months before departure date in order to receive their visa in time

Coastal Community Aid in Ghana:

Travel to the beautiful area of Ada Foah in Ghana to with schools, hospitals, radio stations and sports teams. International interns stay between 2-4 weeks and can receive a $100 discount if they join in July or August.

Go Eco Top Internship Abroad Program Reviews:

Rated the best volunteer organization of 2015, Go Eco leads the pack with a 9.6 customer satisfaction rate on 64 reviews. The company is known for its ability to place interns in the right programs with reputable projects so that participants can make as big an impact as possible. Read the review below or go online to scan through several more.

Go Eco Project Review in Vietnam, Mihindu Australia

“I went to Vietnam on a last minute voyage to do some volunteering in relation to the medical field as I am currently a medical student. I found the medical placement in Ho Chi Minh City on GoEco a perfect fit from the outside. Everything was exactly what i wanted just by reading the package. When i got there my mind was blown. It was everything i had dreamed about and more. The best part of the trip was the people I met there, they will be life-long friends. We worked hard during the day and then experienced the night life and the surrounding areas. The program has good structure with plenty of free time to go exploring and do your own thing. It truly was an unforgettable experience.”

Go Eco Abroad Internship Program Fees:

For the amount of entities Go Eco grants its interns, the international opportunities Go Eco offers are some of the most affordable internships in the market. Fees provide food and housing for interns, training and guidance.  Most projects fees even include a complete travel health insurance coverage for interns.  The cheapest internship begins at $350 for 6 weeks.

ELI Abroad:

ELI, or Experiential Learning International, welcomes travelers of all ages from all over the world to come experience the plethora of international opportunities that they offer. To date, interns from over 44 countries ranging between the ages of 18-82 have engaged in anywhere from 10 day to year-long internships. Above all else, ELI stresses forming relationships and implementing lasting changes. They believe that the most memorable experiences in life stem often from international experiences, and therefore strive to make their programs some of the most affordable programs on the market. When you intern for ELI, they make sure you will forever take pride in your experience abroad.

Wildlife and Conservation Internship in Kenya:

ELI unites with the Kenya Wildlife Service to install top ranked oversea internships in wildlife and conservation fields. Interns work with park rangers and other conservationists to manage the full-sized wildlife reserve in the picturesque area of Lake Nakuru. A minimum of 8 weeks is required.

Architecture Internship in Chile:

Interns work with public and private companies in Chile to design and construct both commercial and residential properties.  Other responsibilities include project development, landmark building restoration efforts and the freedom to compete in international competitions.

Media Internship in Ecuador:

Writers, photographers and other journalists can gain invaluable experiences abroad in media outlets based out of Quito and the Galapagos Islands. Interns pick to work with either one of the best journalism outlets in Latin America, a popular television station, a sports magazine or a project of their own design.

Promote Human Rights in Argentina:

Take your political and human rights interests to Argentina and work with NGO programs overseas to promote democratic processes, citizen participation and human rights. Interns spend time educate Argentineans about civic engagement and other governmental processes.

ELI Top Abroad Internship Abroad Program Reviews:

With 59 reviews under its belt, ELI Abroad ranks with a score of 8.1 Interns and Volunteers love how safe each and every program is from the project environment to the living situations. Read the review below or check online to see what others have to say about ELI.  Internship Teaching in Kenya Review, Mariana 2016 “My volunteering experience was life changing. I spent 4 months in Nakuru, surrounded by beautiful children and having the opportunity to give them hope was amazing. Getting a smile out of these kids was such a joy! I would do it all over again and hopefully I can go back someday.”

ELI Abroad Internship Program Fees:

ELI offers some of the most affordable internship abroad opportunities in the world with a low cost application fee of only $200 dollars. Program fees begin at $520 dollars for two weeks and vary in relation to your selected internship. Both fees grant access to accommodations, meals, 24/7 emergency service and a long list of other essential benefits.

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As one of the longest running companies in the world, Frontier recently celebrating its 25th year of hosting altruistic interns, staff and host country counterparts. Since their first overseas project alongside the WWF in Tanzania, Frontier now operates over 400 conservation buildings in 60 countries across 5 continents. Frontier is truly an international hotbed for top flight internships abroad.

Hospitality Internship in Jerusalem:

Frontier offers participants the perfect international opportunity to garner hands-on experience with the hospitality industry in one of Jerusalem’s most energetic and popular hostels. Interns will explore the historical city of Jerusalem, discover the mixed cultures of Arabs, Jews and Christians and meet amazing like-minded adventurers. Frontier’s missions are propelled by the desire to change the world for the better. Therefore, programs focus primarily on economic and welfare gains, ecosystem regeneration and skills transfer. Staff members and mentors realize how pivotal interns are for strengthening communities so they push interns to discover how truly helpful they are.    

Medical Internship in Ecuador:

Journey outside of customary medical experiences and undergo an apprenticeship in the beautiful country of Ecuador. This project offers an off-campus study allowing interns to collect unique hands-on experience that will provide them with a new and worldly perspective.

Media and Journalism Internship in Tanzania:

Delve into a remote rural community that is teaming with species ranging from strange invertebrates to colossal whale sharks and immerse yourself in a welcoming rural culture. Join top internship programs and improve the lives of community members through education and community development projects.

Conservation N.G.O. Internship in London:

Live and intern abroad in one of the most thriving cities in the world. Fine tune your conservation and development skills and forge life-long friendships while helping analyze, research and promote for a popular N.G.O.

Frontier Top Internship Abroad Program Reviews:

Frontier runs over 300 overseas projects in 50 countries throughout Africa, South America, Europe and Australasia, granting interns unlimited access to adventures and excursions around the world. With 25 years of experience in managing volunteering and adventure travel projects, Frontier finds the perfect project based on your interests. Read the review below and/or those online to discover why Frontier has a 96% customer satisfaction rate.

Teach English in Suva, Fiji Review, Alexa From California:

“My trip to Fiji this summer was life changing. This was my second time traveling with Travel for Teens, but my first community service trip with the company. I made the most incredible memories and met some of my best friends on this trip. Doing something like teaching English and building a toilet for a school in need in a different part of the world is eye opening. I became aware of the world on this trip. One example of this was moment that I will always remember was when I walked into a class room with a few pencils. I didn't think that an average pack of pencils would mean anything, but to these kids, the pencils meant everything. Overall, my experience with Travel for Teens was beyond amazing, and I am looking forward to continue my journeys with Travel for Teens for the next summers to come.”

Frontier Abroad Internship Program Fees:

For the amount of time, access and services interns receive, Frontier provides highly competitive and affordable opportunities abroad. Prices follow directly from the selected project of choice and include accommodations, food and in-country travel. Additional benefits may follow depending upon the internship selected. The cheapest internship abroad begins at $945 for 6 weeks.

Travellers Worldwide:

Best Inexpensive Internship Abroad Programs with Travellers Worldwide

Established in 1994 to foster interactions between travelers and foreign countries, Travellers is widely recognized as a pioneer in creating the best internship abroad programs available. With 300 projects worldwide, Travellers relocates interns from all over the world to practically any destination they desire. Travellers ensures fulfillment of project’s both short and long term goals. Interns for Travllers Worldwide find roles teaching, coaching, nursing, researching, building etc. While nearly all responsibility falls to the intern, around the clock support guidance and instruction provide interns with confidence and guarantee project success.

Gather Medical Experience in a hospital in Cambodia:

Improve living conditions in the local rural community of Oddar Meanchey Province while gaining life-long medical work experience at Samraong hospital.  The under-staffed hospital provides community members with health treatment and, as of recently, free HIV testing.

Veterinary Internship in Buenos Aires:

One of the largest vet clinics and pet shops in the heart of Buenos Aires invites interns to their oversea program. Responsibilities include helping with consultations, caring for the boarding animals, and managing the adoption clinic.  

Human Rights Law Internship in Ghana:

The city of Accra offers interns abroad insight into interesting human rights cases and law enforcement. Interns will receive a case or two of their own where they must interview clients, write letters and create notifications regarding their given cases.

Hospitality Internship in South Africa:

Enjoy the rare opportunity abroad to work in a 5-star luxury Boutique Guesthouse located in the striking resort town of Knysna in South Africa. You can be sure to meet an infinite number of worldly travelers as the hotel is located on the famous Garden Route: one of South Africa’s most popular tourist locations.

Travellers Worldwide Top Internship Abroad Program Reviews:

With a 20 year record of unparalleled safety, Travellers Worldwide guarantees your placement in an idyllic environment. Out of 300 projects in 20 countries, Travellers Worldwide makes sure to pick the best project that aligns with your skill set. Read the review below or read from 54 reviews online which boast an 89% satisfaction rate.

Conservation Internship Project in South Africa Review, Louise of Australia:

“My sister and I recently completed a two week placement at CROW, and it was absolutely AMAZING! The CROW team were fantastic and we felt at home right away One of the best things about the experience was that every day was a new adventure, you never knew what might happen, what rescue you might get called out to help with, what animals might be brought in...Everything was very hands on and we were able to get involved in a wide range of activities, while at the same time the CROW staff always maintained the approach of keeping the animals wild and ensuring they didnt become 'humanised.’ That was one of the best things about CROW - they actually rescue AND release. Everything that can gets release back into its natural habitat. Our experience couldn’t have been better! We are already planning the next trip back!”

Travellers Worldwide Abroad Internship Program Fees:

From one week excursion to year-long endeavors, Travellers Worldwide presents a long list of affordable international opportunities. Each program requires its own specific fee which covers accommodation, food, transport, and perhaps more depending on the given project. The cheapest opportunity prices begin at $1,112.

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Maximo Nivel:

A photo posted by Maximo Nivel (@maximoabroad) on

Whether you wish to study abroad, embark on a gap year, work internationally, or simply enjoy foreign cultures and languages, Maximo Nivel provides the perfect solution. Maximo Nivel places a premier focus on budget internships abroad in the countries of Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru, making interning anywhere affordable and easy. Program opportunities include: Spanish Immersion, Volunteer Abroad, Service Learning, International Internships, TEFL Certification, Semester Abroad, High School Abroad, and other unbelievable adventures. Maximo Nivel provides all interns with a professional staff and first-rate facilities to ensure an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Education Internships Abroad:

Strengthen your skills and perspective by working alongside professional teachers in international educational programs. Spend time in schools observing instruction, management and lesson plans as well as forging your own lesson plans based upon school’s curriculums and standards.

Hospitality and Tourism Internships:

Maximo Nivel place travelers in small tour operators, boutique hotels, and travelers’ hostels in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Peru. Overseas internships focuses on website management, social media interaction, marketing and improving updates in English, German and other languages.

Human Rights Internships:

Community organizations, NGOs and government agencies welcome interns to help promote communal empowerment and social justice. International interns help with community outreach, education, research and fund raising all while discovering a new culture, value system and government.

Medical Internships

Practicing medical interns are exposed to a mass of medical practices in the developing worlds of Costa Rica, Guatemala and Peru. Improve your knowledge of medical terminology in Spanish and intern abroad  at hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities and private practices. 

Maximo Nivel Top Internship Abroad Program Reviews:

Maximo Nivel’s programs are all internationally accredited and recognized worldwide. The company focuses on a commitment to quality customer service. With a fantastic staff and exceptional home-base facilities, nearly every intern leaves in awe of their experience. Read the review below or open up their webpage to pick from 299 reviews that project a 96% satisfaction rate.

Local Internship Project in Guatemala Review, Molly USA

“We traveled out to a remote area, where the citizens were very isolated, without access to healthcare. It had been a year since most of the people had seen a doctor. It was touching to see how much they really needed the care of the doctor, and the anti-parasite medication that was administered. There were many kids there who loved to play soccer. During a quieter time, I went and played soccer with the kids. I loved playing with them, and doing as much as I could to try and help them be healthier. Maximo Nivel surpassed all my expecations. Jorge is an absolute joy to work with, and works endlessly. I would recommend this program to anyone, and I cannot wait to go again.”

Maximo Nivel Abroad Internship Program Fees:

Maximo Nivel guides interns through the registration and pre-arrival process guaranteeing a fulfilling experience. Low-cost program fees include services from Airport pick-up to walking tours to long classes and free WiFi. Programs begin at $1,525 for a minimum of 4 weeks.

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Cross Cultural Solutions:

With over 20 years of experience and 35,000 participants, Cross Cultural Solutions, or CCS for short, proves its rank as one of the top 10 best Internship Abroad programs in the world. CCS innovates the industry of international opportunities in three ways: they create local community designed internship programs instead of programs molded around the interns desires, participants stay in a ‘home-base’ to ensure safety and CCS mandates cultural immersion activities nearly every day.   Their mission is to bring locals and interns together to work side-by side and form everlasting experiences by fostering cultural exchange. By teaching locals the information they want to know, CCS helps communities create a sustainable environment for when after interns and volunteers leave.  

Medical Internships:

Explore and aid a foreign world of international health equity and communal justice in which a lack of treatment facilities makes it’s hard for the right people to receive the medical attention they deserve. Assist medical professionals in hospitals, clinics, NGOs and healthcare centers.

Nursing Internships:

Nursing interns abroad accompany mentors to attack issues on an international scale. Focus lies primarily on patient care through home visits, counseling, companionship and support.

Child Development Internships:

Investigate the issues impacting child development around the world by working in child care centers, daycare centers and schools. With a mentor as guidance, study the physical, cognitive, linguistic and socio-emotional development of children in the communities you visit.

Education Internships:

Gain an unforgettable experience interning abroad as a teacher. Distinguish the obstacles that restrict quality education and implement communal plans, funding and challenges to improve education techniques and schooling in rural areas.

Cross Cultural Solutions Top Internship Abroad Program Reviews:

Over 35,000 interns and volunteers have experienced Cross Cultural Solution’s incredibly responsible staff, effective programs and beautiful living locations. Read the review below or go online to read through 173 reviews with a collective 93% satisfaction rate.

Cross Cultural Solutions Review, Current Anonymous Employee:

“CCS is the best company I have ever worked for. Everyone that works at CCS really believes in the mission. In an organization of 300 people there are always a few unhappy people and it is a shame to see that those few people are the ones that write reviews on sites like this. I hope the public can see through that. Here's a conversation closer on the issue: CCS was selected as one of the top 50 nonprofits to work for in the U.S. for the last 3 years consecutively by the nonprofit times. And, the award is based on employee feedback. So people love this place, don't believe the small percent of haters that didn't work out. CCS changed my life!”

Cross Cultural Solutions Abroad Internship Program Fees:

Cross Cultural Solutions programs differ widely in their scope and duration and therefore each require a distinct fee.  Unlike most other companies, each program fee is comprehensive and covers all needs interns have once they’ve arrived in their selected country. The lowest and most affordable internship abroad package begins at $1,195 for a minimum of 4 weeks.

GVI World:

Best Inexpensive Internship Abroad Programs with GVI

GVI World runs over 450 impactful internship abroad opportunities across 25 different countries. In just 15 years, over 25,000 interns have helped GVI make a real difference in the communities they visit. Internship programs dedicate their focuses towards developing leadership and teamwork skills. More importantly, programs aim to transform the lives of all parties involved. From their first project along the Caribbean island off of Honduras, GVI now offers a chance to live a more globally aware and therefore enjoyable life. Come meet local GVI offices in the UK, North America and Australia if you’re interested.

Wildlife Conservation Internship in Thailand:

Capitalize on a rare opportunity abroad to combine your love for animals and teaching in Thailand’s jaw dropping and beautiful region of Chiang Mai. Help the famous Karen elephant-keeping communities conserve population sizes, maintain biodiversity and rehabilitate maltreated animals.

Community Development Internship in Mexico:

Instruct children on how to learn and develop necessary skills for success at a Save the Children center in the coastal town of Playa del Carmen. Similar minded interns from around the world unite to positively impact the future youth, learn Spanish and discover an extensive local culture.

Teach in Nepal:

Provide invaluable lessons to neglected and underprivileged children living in the heart of Nepal’s scenic Himalayan Mountains. Intern abroad and join a welcoming host family, succumb to a fascinating culture and create massive contributions to children’s centers throughout the communities you visit.

GVI World Top Internship Abroad Program Reviews:

GVI’s acclaimed projects welcome over 2,000 participants every year, with the majority of interns describing their experience as nothing short of 'life changing'. GVI’s approval rate from over 22,000 participants since 1997 is over 95%. Read through the following review or scour the internet and pick from 1,000 others online.

GVI Internships in Costa Rica Review, James from New York:

“I started on this GVI project in January 2016. I was originally only here for 3 months as a standard volunteer, however after falling in love with the wonderful kids and seeing the positive direction this project is going in, I decided I wanted to stay for a whole lot longer. The staff take time to hear your issues and accept each person as an individual. Issues get sorted fast with care and love.”

GVI Abroad Internship Program Fees:

Much like the previous companies, GVI World’s affordable internship abroad programs all have separate fees. For each project fee, 65% of all funds go directly to the project while 35% covers operations costs. GVI World’s first and foremost priority is to ensure the safety and happiness of its interns. The lowest cost internship program begins at $3,590 and lasts 6 weeks. We’ve selected only what we believe to be the top 10 best internship abroad programs and opportunities, but if you scour the internet, you might fund hundreds more accepting applications. If you stumble upon one you truly think could top this list, send it our way, and if it’s good enough will add it in!

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